Wisho casino bonuses

Wisho Casino delights its users with juicy bonuses that they can take advantage of. There are many different offers at their disposal,which boost your account funds in order to make bets on the online platform. This article reveals what promotions the gambling operator has prepared for the players, what the starting bonus are, and everything else Wisho can offer.

Initial casino bonus from Wisho

The online casino welcomes its customers with an offer of up to 2000 euros + 200 free spins. What you need to know is that the bonus is distributed for the first 4 deposits you make. The best part is that players will grab not only extra money for bets, but also free spins on the site. And here is how the starting bonus is distributed by Wisho Casino:

  • 1st deposit – 100% or up to 300 euros and 100 free spins;
  • 2nd deposit – 50% or up to 300 euros and 100 free spins;
  • 3rd deposit – 40% or up to 400 euros;
  • 4th deposit – 25% or up to 1000 euros;

This is a really good starting bonus that you should definitely take advantage of. To learn the terms of the offer, you need to register on the site and go to the promo section. However, this is not the only promotion on the casino site, so be sure to check out the other offers too. This article will discuss them as well.

Wisho Welcome Bonus

Bonus mystery every Tuesday

The operator has prepared a special bonus mystery every Tuesday of the month. Of course, it would not be a mystery if you knew what awaited you, so we won’t spoil it for you. The offer may include a cash bonus on deposit along with free spins on the newest slot machines on the website. The only way to find out what the bonus mystery is: log in on Tuesday and stay updated on the newsletter, which you will get by email. It will contain info about the special offer.

If you receive a bonus offer, you need to read the terms. These will be sent to your e-mail too. Check how much you need to deposit as well as the rules on how to play. All of this is important to grasp the essence of the bonus mystery as well as to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

Daily awards from Wisho

Last but not least, Wisho has a “daily rewards” offer. Every customer who loses between 20 and 500 euros in one day wins free spins or super spins worth 1 euro each. They get the prize the next day. The terms of this offer are very simple:

  • This offer becomes available after your first four deposits;
  • Your account must have an active balance of at least 20 euros;
  • You must have lost 20 to 500 euros in one day;
  • The operator gives you cash back in the form of free spins;

This is yet another wonderful promotion that you can take advantage of. Of course, we wish you good luck in all the games and hope this article on bonuses was useful to you. Please check out our future posts about Wisho and the offers to users on the eponymous casino gaming website.

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