Windstorm slot game

Modern casino slots offer huge variety, but they have not yet developed their full potential. There are players who like simple, spin-and-win slots, and another significant portion that prefers more complex slots, with plenty of extra features and bonuses. Windstorm is one slot with a free spins bonus feature, which is actually also one of the biggest pluses for users who enjoy a simpler game with small bonuses.

Game review

Windstorm is a 5-reel slot with an RTP of 95.95%. The Windstorm Casino Technology slot offers a variety of features, and bets here start from just 20 cents. You have to play on all 30 possible paylines, and activating them makes multiple combinations possible. You can’t win any bonuses from Windstorm if you play the free demo version.

You can play the game on mobile devices and on a PC or laptop. Like all newer slots, Windstorm features scalable technology allowing it to perform equally well on any type of device.

Slot features and bonuses

Many online slots offer some kind of bonus features which tend to be really fun. For its part, Windstorm does not offer any more special bonus rounds, and the game relies on this very fact to be unique.

Although there aren’t many bonus features, the free spins are one of the best special elements. The feature is activated when there are 3 scatter symbols on the reels. If you land them, the bonus round will be activated and you can play it.


Considering that the game would hardly surprise anyone on paper, it’s actually a good choice compared to other similar ones. It has an elegant appearance, game-enhancing audio with creative sounds, and is beautifully designed. This is also a bonus that players will surely appreciate.

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