What is the difference between tipster and punter?

Many people would confuse the terms tipster and punter. As a matter of fact, what they have in common is that these terms both refer to people dealing with sport bets and gambling. We are going to explain in our own way what the main differences are between tipsters and punters, so you wouldn’t mix it up. Thus, you will be more aware of gambling terminology.

What does tipster mean?

Tipster is a person advising you how to bet on sports and especially, on football. Based on their experience in betting and bookmakers, they will offer you efficient tricks allowing you to earn money. Of course, the advice of tipsters are mostly paid. You can find quite a few websites with predictions, advice, tricks and guides on the Internet written by experienced tipsters.

There are experienced tipsters, whose guidance on betting are really useful. There are also tipsters offering free advices on various blogs, forums, Facebook pages, etc., but their popularity is by rule very low. That is why, before you ask a tipster for assistance, check their records first.

Really successful tipsters have a history of impressive wins from betting in bookmaker points and in online betting platforms. They are going to teach you how to look for good ratios, how to guess which team is about to win and what the different ways of betting are to get you more money. This will most likely cost you a big buck, but just think about it…in case you win, the investment will be worth it.

What is Punter?

The word punter is introduced in the English language during the 18th century. It comes from the French term ponter meaning “to play against the banker in a card game”. Nowadays, punter is a synonym of “person who bets” or “gambler”. It is mostly a person betting about the end result of various sport events like horse racing, hound racing, etc.

Punter is a word used in Great Britain and Australia. You might find it interesting that punting means gambling in both countries, but in England it also means “boat trip”. Unlike tipsters, punters do not give advice on sport betting. They bet themselves using the experience they gained. So for example, a punter can bet on your behalf, they wouldn’t offer you any guidance regarding the bet itself. This makes them pretty different in comparison with the tipster.

Difference between betting terms tipster and punter

Generally, both tipsters and punters are people betting on sports. But the first ones sell their knowledge and skills to gain from gambling, and the punters are simply consumers and dedicated gamblers. The terms should not be confused, since (as you can see) there is quite a huge difference between them. And if anyone claims that they are punters and asks you to pay for their advice, you may just skip the offer.

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