What is retrigger in slots?

The majority of five-reel video slots offers players a way to activate free spins. They don’t place a bet when playing in this mode, hence the term “free spins”. When specific symbols, usually three matching scatters line up according to the individual game’s rules, the player wins a prize. Clearly, this is an exciting way to make money, to which retriggering adds another bonus layer.

How does it work?

When you set off a round of free spins while already playing in free spins mode, it’s called “retriggering”. You usually achieve this by lining up the same special symbols that put you in free spins mode in the first place. By retriggering, you might receive another new round of free spins, which can double the sum of bet-free earnings you will obtain when the free spins round ends.

To active free spins and retriggers, you must hit three or more scatter symbols.

Can retriggering continue forever?

Theoretically speaking, respinning can happen more than once in a set of free spins. The majority of slot manufacturers, however, put a limit on the number of free spins you can win in any one round. The maximum is usually in the range of 5-10 times although you can retrigger several times. The odds of this actually happening are quite low.


Free spins can be part of a bonus earned in a way established by the game’s developer. In some cases, it’s not possible to retrigger a bonus during free spins. This just means that more spins can’t be won while the bonus round is activated.

Better chances of winning

In conclusion, retriggering is a fun, effortless way to make money without having to bet anything. Seeking out games that offer this feature is definitely worthwhile. It is easy to find out if a game has this perk. Look at the pay table in advance. If there is no mention of retriggering, it is probably the case that the game doesn’t offer it.

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