What is a handicap?

Sports bettors can take advantage of a variety of markets (bet options) to predict the outcome of events. One of the most commonly used options is called handicap and applies not only for football, but also for basketball, volleyball, hockey and a number of other sports. We will explain what a handicap is in this article and give examples to help you get familiar with this popular market.

What is the handicap option?

When one team has a large advantage over the other, online bookmakers can give the underdog an artificial advantage. In other words, the result in the sports match starts with goals or points in favor of the underdog. This is also called a handicap in sports.

By selecting a sports match, you will be able to see if a handicap is offered for it. If the option is available, you will see what score the event starts with. Usually, these types of bets come with good odds and are popular among players. If it still doesn’t make sense, keep reading. Here’s an example.

How to make a handicap sports bet?

To make it easier for you to understand how to make a handicap bet, here’s an example of a football match where the option is available. Let’s say that team 1 and team 2 face off at the stadium. The away team is the underdog, so the handicap starts with a score of 0:2 for them. If the home team wins the match 1:0, the total score with the handicap will be 1:2 and you will still win. However, if the home team wins 3:0, you will lose because the aggregate score will be 3:2.

There are cases where the handicap score starts with a bigger goal lead for the underdog. In that case, it’s good to think about how many goals the home team will score and whether they will be able to turn the game around. In general, everything is very easy and you just have to try the option to get to know it better.

Which online bookmakers offer a handicap option?

Almost all online bookmakers have included a handicap option in their sports betting markets.


Don’t forget that this market applies not only to football, but also to many other sports. You can also follow a team or a player’s advantage to place a bet. Good luck!

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