Sic Bo – Chinese dice game

Sic Bo originated in ancient China, then became popular around the world. This is a dice game that can be played in both gaming halls and online casinos. This review explains what Sic Bo is, what the rules of the game are, and what you can expect from the bets.

Rules of the game

Sic Bo is a table game with dice. We will mention the different types of bets you can make. You have to choose the type of bet, and the dealer will roll the dice on the table. You try to guess what number will roll or predict the sum of 3 dice rolled. You have a total of 8 betting options, so it’s a good idea to learn them before you start playing Sic Bo.

To make it even clearer, Sic Bo resembles craps, with the differences coming mainly in the betting options and the different tables, at which it is played. If you are betting on the Asian dice game in a live casino, then you have a time limit to make a bet and put your luck to the test during the game.

Sic Bo betting options

Sic Bo starts when you select a betting option and the dealer rolls the dice on the table. We list the types of bets below:

Single bet – on the table, you will see a special field for single bets. You can predict the numbers for one roll of the dice from 1 to 6. In case you guess right, the casino will pay out your winnings 1:1. The other option is to predict the sum of two dice rolled, with the gambling operator paying out 2:1. If you guess the sum of 3 dice rolls, you take a 3:1 win;

Sic Bo game dealer

Double combination – to win this type of bet, you need to specify the combination of the two dice rolled on the table. Here’s an example: you can specify the numbers 1 and 6 and if you guess right, you will win your bet 6:1. This option is more difficult, but it can bring you a lot of profit if you succeed;

Betting on 3 dice – here you have two options, one of which is called a small bet. The sum of the three dice must range from four to ten. The second option is a big bet, where the sum of the dice must be between eleven and fourteen;

Triple bet – this is probably the most complex bet, in which it is necessary to know the same numbers for three dice rolled. To be even more accurate, we will give the following example: you choose the number 3 for 3 dice rolled and your prediction comes true, thus getting payout of 150:1.

Sic Bo dice gambling game

What do you need to know when betting on Sic Bo?

If you want to minimize the risk of loss, then you can choose the betting options – small bet and big bet. They give lower payouts, but there is a much better chance of making a profit. In dice games, the casino has many more chances to win, which means you shouldn’t make big bets, even if you’re sure you’re doing well. We recommend you play with measure to achieve lasting success.

We do not advise players to look for strategies for Sic Bo, because they almost never work. Some experts in the game claim that there are winning tactics, but so far we have not found such despite trying different approaches. In the online version of gambling, you do not have a time limit to roll the dice. However, if you play in a live casino, then there is a very high chance of losing as the limit is low.

Where can we play Sic Bo?

You can find it in some of the most famous international online casinos, where you can try out the demo version of the game, as well as bet real money. Now, let’s see who offers Sic Bo:







Of course, you can also look for Sic Bo in many other international online casinos.

Sic Bo Chinese game table

Conclusion and recommendations to the players

Sic Bo is an Asian table game that is played with dice. The game uses a delineated table with different sectors and a dealer rolls the dice. Players place bets depending on whether they want to know the value of 1, 2 or 3 dice, as well as the different combinations mentioned above in our guide. Specific strategies tend not to work, although you can come across such online.

You can play the demo version of Sic Bo for free in the online casinos we mentioned. If you want, you can bet real money, but it’s good to know the rules so nothing goes wrong. As with most dice games, the casino has an advantage over the players, which is why you need to be careful.

We don’t recommend hasty actions and high stakes, especially if you are a beginner. Professional players have a routine and know how to play Sic Bo. You will gain experience through trial and error. Good luck with your Asian adventure – it can bring you a big win.

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