Mathematical online bets prediction

You have definitely heard the term “mathematical predictions” related to online bets on football, tenis, basketball, volleyball or other sports. And if all of that is too far from you and sounds too complicated, this article would be of great use to you. We will explain the role of maths in predicting sport events and signs of wins. Let us make it clear, this is far from the best way to make a prediction.

What is a mathematical sport prediction?

Mathematical predictions about online bets are actually based on accurate computer data. The machine calculates the chances of one of the teams to win the game taking into account percentages and sometimes statistics. Unfortunately, there are other circumstances that this type of predictions don’t consider, e.g. injured players, banned players, home or away factors and other important ones.

There are cases when prediction using maths are quite accurate. They include fine assessment of the ratios and addition of other factors like previous games between the teams, previous outcomes – wins, tied games, etc. Then the predictions in fact guess correct, but this happens quire rarely and it is usually done by specialists.

Types of mathematical predictions

There are a few types of sport predictions, which rely on mathematics. Despite what is expected, they are not solely related to final wins – 1 / Х / 2, but they are also predictions for number of goals, end of half-time, accurate result, double chance, etc. Maths is part of the equation for the betting chances of various markets.

However, we will remind you once again that they are just a theory of possibilities and calculations, which rely on statistics, but they are still not 100% accurate. In the same line of thinking, let’s note that mathematical predictions are done by trained tipsters and they are not for any person, who would like just try to practice it. Luckily, such a type of sport prediction can be found for free on the Internet.

Football events are most often a subject of these predictions, since there is more statistics available, as well as higher ratios. This doesn’t mean that you can’t come across basketball, tenis, box and other predictions on the Internet.

Can we trust mathematical predictions for sports betting?

It is a 50:50 situation. If you can trust the standard prediction about the end of the game, then you should trust at least 50% mathematical predictions. You know the modern sport has become harder and harder to analyze. Today, it is not impossible for a weaker team to beat a stronger one, which may be a surprise even for the most experienced players and betting enthusiasts. We advise you to be really careful when it comes to predicting.


Sure, mathematical predictions for online bets do exist and you can use them if you wish. We do not take any responsibility for your actions, so it is up to you what you are going to do and how. But we try to advise our readers and followers – keep your own opinion (or gut feeling) about sport events, too. Sometimes luck is ahead of all predictions.

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