How often does a tennis court need resurfacing?

Tennis is played on indoor or outdoor courts who surfaces can be either hard, clay or grass. Each of these surfaces demand regular maintenance like resurfacing in order to ensure that the sheen and quality of the tennis court does not wither away.

Professional tennis tournaments have to ensure that tennis courts are resurfaced regularly in order to maintain the bounce and speed of the ball, avoid injuries to the players and increase the play time on these surfaces.

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Resurfacing makes a court look esthetic

Usually, a tennis court should be resurfaced every 4 to 8 years. Hard courts require the least maintenance whereas grass courts require regular supervision. Clay courts falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. A court that appears dull, has cracks, witnesses the growth of moss, water pooling on surface, surface bubbling, should be immediately considered for resurfacing.

Maintaining a hard or acrylic court involves regular sweeping of the court, keeping it free from any debris. Clay courts require regular watering in the evening along with drag brushing of the surface. Grass courts are high maintenance. They need to be rolled once a week, mowed down every 2 to 3 days and watered after every use. Dry grass must be blown away and fertilizers must be used as per the instructions by someone who specializes in horticulture.

Resurfacing a tennis court is done by professionals. The process usually involves removal of the top layer, protection of the base, filling up the cracks with appropriate materials, checking the drainage system underneath, adding a new surface layer and coating it with a durable paint.
Tennis courts should thus be resurfaced regularly in order to better enjoy the game. 

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