Frequently asked questions about online betting

Online bets are already popular all over the globe. Online betting gives players a chance to bet using a computer or mobile device. All the users need is internet connection. Sure, bets are entirely virtual, which could raise a lot of questions and issues. Therefore, we would like to take a look at the most frequently asked questions related to online bets.

Where is the best place for online bets?

We advise you to turn to bookmakers with license in the country where you bet. Just make sure you check if they are in fact licensed there, so that you would avoid any issues about participating in illegal gambling on their websites.

Each bookmaker possesses a charm and attractiveness of their own. Some would give you really interesting offers, others would be generous in multipliers, or give you access to various betting offers. Choose what you consider the best and go ahead.

What does a deposit in bookmaker site mean?

The first step of betting online is to find a website to play. You need to sign up there and make a deposit. The latter is actually an amount of money you deposit via your bank account, virtual wallet, debit card, credit card, etc. Once you have funds in your website account, you are ready to bet.

It is always a good idea to check the minimum funds required for making that deposit. For instance there is no way to have only 10 cents and bet with it. Each online bookmaker usually provides information about the minimum you need to have available in your virtual balance.

The deposits also have a maximum amount, though. This means that you wouldn’t be able to deposit a million dollars/pounds/euro in your account. You might want to see the maximum amounts allowed, too.

Online betting frequently asked questions FAQ

How can I withdraw my wins from a gambling website?

The deposit rules quite often apply to withdrawals of wins, too. In order to withdraw your funds from gambling websites, you would have to use a bank card, bank transfer, virtual wallet or public utilities service. For this purpose, just choose the method preferred and specify the amount of money you would like to withdraw.

However, keep in mind that the rules about minimum and maximum amounts are absolutely valid in this case, too. In other words, there are limits for each withdrawal method. Let’s say, for example, that you have won 10 000 USD, but the bookmaker might have stated that only up to 5000 USD can be withdrawn via debit card. So it is good to know in advance the limitations on how much you can actually take.

What is the meaning of the gambling term – markets?

The word “markets” may sound unfamiliar to many people when in context of gambling. Its meaning is quite simple, though. Other than the option to predict the outcome of a football game, you also have other betting options. You could bet for kickmaster, result during the first half-time, Asian handicap, etc. These options are the markets in question, which give you the chance to win more, thanks to your predictions about sport events.

Can I bet online using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can bet. Most online bookmakers make offers, which make placing a stake on mobile phone (Samsung, iPhone or other smartphone) much easier. But if the bookmaker of your choice doesn’t provide an app, you can just use the mobile website version via entering the browser of your mobile device and typing in the address. The steps are identical with tablets. Having internet and Android or IOS is a guarantee for easy access to your account and betting from afar.

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