Is Gambling Allowed in Colorado?

Colorado’s constitution and law allow only certain types of gambling. Only two years ago, online sports betting and casino games were banned in the state and players could not engage in this activity. Fortunately for those who use bookmakers to place bets, online sports betting has been legal since 1 May 2020. Here’s more about other types of gambling allowed in Colorado.

What forms of gambling are allowed in Colorado?

The state authorities are very strict about the forms of gambling they let the public partake in. Recently, the US state loosened restrictions a bit, allowing people to bet on sports on the Internet, but other bans remained in effect. To be even more comprehensive, we provide you with a list of all legal types of gambling:

  • Colorado Lottery;
  • Car racing and horse racing;
  • Licensed operators offering bingo games;
  • Online sports betting;
  • 33 legal casinos in the state;

At this stage, these is what the entertainment industry in this part of the United States has to offer. Decisions on licensing agreements for the introduction of online casino games and the admission of gambling operators to the jurisdiction are also pending. Of course, players will have to wait a little longer for clarity.

What is the largest casino in Colorado?

Colorado’s largest casino is called Ameristar Blackhawk Casino. The casino sprawls over 100,000 square meters and 33 floors. In addition to the casino, there is also a hotel with a total of 563 rooms, restaurants and entertainment venues. Tourists who want to enjoy different types of gambling in the US love this place.

Ameristar Casino has two floors and offers 1,600 slot machines, as well as 18 gaming tables and video casino games. Roulette, blackjack poker, and many more are available. This is one of a total of 33 legal casinos in the state, and their number is likely to grow in the future.

In general, we can say that gambling in Colorado is allowed, although it is strictly monitored by the authorities. A lot of games from the entertainment industry have been allowed lately, so anyone who comes here will have fun.

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