Is the fly slip same as short third man?

Slip fielders in cricket are the ones who are standing right beside the wicket-keeper towards the off-side. Leg slip fielder is the only fielder that is positioned beside the wicket-keeper on the leg side. Slip fielders need to be absolutely spontaneous and quick in their reflexes. Apart from these slip fielders, there is another field position on the off-side called the fly slip.

Some sources suggest that the fly slip is named so as the fielder in this position stands where the second pitch is kept covered. However, this is fundamentally wrong in terms of the position of the fielder and the conventional area of the second covered pitch. A simple explanation would be that this position is for those instances where the ball flies further and deeper than the usual slip cordon.

The fly slip is positioned behind the slip cordon near the periphery of the 30-yard circle. Another fielder in close proximity to this fielder is the short third man. The fly slip is nearer to the pitch compared to the short third man.

The fly slip is a defensive field position used to cut down the runs batters score by singles and doubles after hitting the ball in the third man area. This position is especially effective when tail-enders come on to bat as most of their runs are directed behind the wicket. The fly slip can also be placed if the batter prefers to routinely hit upper cut shots. A mistimed upper cut can find the fielder at fly slips at the catching position.

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