Betano launches Fantasy premier league tournament with many prizes

The betting site Betano has launched its Fantasy premier league tournament, which is an intriguing football game with many prizes. In a nutshell, it is about virtual football. The player manages his own team and competes against other Betano clients.

What is fantasy premier league?

Simply put, it’s a game where you form a football team of different players. Depending on the performance of each player in the selection, you accumulate points and move up the leaderboard. The prize fund for the tournament is impressive and the entry fee is very small. It’s easy to start playing and we hope you win.

Fantasy tournaments can have between 150 and 1,000 players. In some cases, the number can exceed a thousand, making the competition cutthroat. The more players there are, the bigger the prize pool from the entry fees and the bets made.

How to play in fantasy league?

You can enter your team in different leagues and tournaments. The most important thing is to create a team of up to 5 players who will compete in the tournament. From this moment on, you follow their performance in real matches. If they score goals and contribute to their team’s victories, you will get points. The more points you have, the better your position.

If you select quality, experienced players, then you will get ahead. Enticing cash prizes are offered for the first few championships, as Betano wants you to be completely satisfied.

You may not get off to a flying start in the beginning, but eventually your players will start scoring, which is good news for you. Entering Betano’s fantasy section, you will be able to choose matches for your virtual team to participate in. Everything else is a matter of luck.

Why choose Betano’s Fantasy premier league?

Having a fantasy team with the biggest stars is thrilling. You will be keeping your fingers crossed for the footballers to bring you points and respectively profits. Few bookmakers offer this opportunity, which we consider very attractive. You can learn more about the game after registering in Betano in the respective section.

We hope that this information was interesting and we wish all bettors the best of luck. We hope you come back to us for more interesting news about bookmakers, online casinos and everything important in the world of betting.

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