What is the scoring system in badminton?

Scoring in badminton is easy to learn. The objective of the game is to win a point by hitting the shuttlecock with a racquet on the other side of the net in a manner that the opponent is unable to return the shot or commits an error by hitting out of bounds or into the net.

Scoring in badminton can be divided into points, games and match. A player has to win 21 points with a difference of two in order to win a game. If the score reached 21-20, then play will continue until there is a difference of two points. If the score is 29-29, then the next point decides the game. In competitive events, a best-of-three games format is employed.

The score in badminton begins at 0-0. The player who is to serve first is decided by a coin toss. When the score is even, the server serves from the right side of the court. If the score is an odd number, the serve is made from the left side. When speaking the score, the server’s score is announced first.

Scoring is similar in doubles. However, the order of serves often confuses many. If Player A of a doubles team (A & B) is serving from the right side, and the serving side wins the point, then Player A keeps the serve. However, the next serve is made from the left side of the court. Player A keeps the serve and alternates till the team loses the point. The receiving team, who won the point, then gets to serve. In the next service change, Player B then serves.

This is the basic premise of the scoring system in badminton. We shall cover more intricate details of the scoring rules in separate articles. 

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