Win-a-Beest slot game

Win-a-Beest is an online casino slot game that will try to take us to a completely different dimension – Africa. The game makes a journey to the sunny continent, so we expect to see running antelopes, as well as a number of other African animals.

Appearance and design of the game

The desert theme is nothing new in the casino industry, but the animated graphics are impressive in this slot game. The drums are set on a wooden structure ornamented with animal horns, while in the background is the sunny African savannah. The soundtrack is another important component that works well with its rhythm. You will feel the pace pick up when you hit the bonus features. This is the last touch to the atmosphere, which immerses you in it as soon as you load the game and start playing in the middle of the savannah.

Winning symbols and combinations

As the title suggests, the mighty wildebeest is the star of this game. Even though she is the highest paid icon, there is still much to be desired. You will receive no more than 5 times from the bet. There are 5 combinations of wildebeest symbols. After the African wildebeest, the lion, the rhino, the elephant and the cheetah appear in this order.

You will need at least 3 copies of the same symbol on the line to win the game, while the highest prizes are given for 5 combinations of this kind.

Bent – 5x multiplier of your bet

Elephants and lions – 2.5x multiplier of your bet

Nosooses and cheetahs – 2x multiplier of your bet

A and K symbols – 1.5x multiplier of your bet

Q and J symbols – 1x multiplier of your bet

As you can see, this title from the creators of Play’n Go is not the most generous we’ve seen so far, but the potential of the game lies in its features, so you should not worry about the smaller multipliers. Here is an explainer:

Technical information about the game

The action in the game takes place on a 2-4-4-4-2 grid with 256 game combinations. The original layout can be expanded to become a 5×4 playing field with 1,024 betting options . Win-a-Beest is powered by a medium-variable math model, so in theory you’ll record wins more often, but you shouldn’t expect to be flooded with them all the time. Patience in this type of game is extremely important. The slot has a solid RTP of 96.12%, which is slightly higher than the average level in the slot industry. However, payout values may vary depending on where you play, so be sure to check your settings before making a deposit. Bets vary between 0.1 and 100 units of rotation. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a stable betting range. The most impressive thing about the African slot is the high maximum potential of the wild. There are winnings up to 10240x of the bet, which means that you can win an amazing prize of $ 1,024,000, in case you played with the highest.

Win-a-Beest is a bonus feature

The game is rich in exciting features to entertain players during their experience. If you take part in it, you will be able to take advantage of extremely lucrative features such as Beest Mode, Beest Mode Spins and Stampeding Spins, but first let’s get acquainted with the most important special characters in the game – Wilds.

The game has two types of wild symbols – regular and those that are attached with a multiplier. Both have the effect of common wild symbols, replacing any ordinary ones in order to reach winning combinations or improve existing ones. The 2x Wild multiplier doubles the prizes for all the winning combinations in which it participates, and thus the supposedly meager prizes no longer seem so low.

The heart of the game is the Beest Mode feature, which unlocks the full 5×4 network, contains 1024 paylines. The function can be activated at random, both during the basic and bonus games. In addition, during Beest Mode, the web is accelerated by wildebeest and scatterfish, while all other common elements are removed. In this way, there is a really great potential for profit, as Super High Pays, combined with multiplier Wilds, which pop up at almost every spin, lead to really decent prizes.

The Beest Mode feature also leads to another exciting moment – a bonus called Beest Mode Spins. It can only be activated during Beest Mode and is triggered by at least 3 scatters that have appeared. The more skaters we manage to attract, the more spins we will be awarded. For example: 3, 4 and 5 scatters provide 4, 6 and 8 free spins respectively. The free spins feature is activated with Beest mode activated, which means that the network will be unlocked during the bonus. In addition, after the appearance of several more scatters, the function can be activated again without restriction.

During normal play you may come across another option for free bonus spins. This happens if at least 3 scatters fall, which helps you access the bonus game. This way you can get up to 20 free spins by uploading 5 scatters, while 3 and 4 of them are awarded 8 and 12 free spins respectively. The feature is called Stampeding Spins and is also played with the game board completely unlocked, with all 1024 bets available. This type of bonus can be re-triggered an unlimited number of times by getting more scatters on the net. The most surprising thing about Stampeding Spins is that we can trigger spins in Beest Mode during the bonus. If we do, the spins in this mode are played separately, after which we are redirected back to the bonus spins from Stampeding.


To summarize everything written above, Win-a-Beest game is a masterpiece among slot games, as it is saturated with very good mechanics and lucrative features that lead to big winnings. The game is certainly not boring and you would hardly have a bad moment while playing it because of the higher average volatility contributes to the more frequent capture of bonus features. Although it does not offer any major innovations, the slot still manages to attract attention thanks to its beautiful visual effects and a really large set of useful features. The game comes without any serious issues that need to be noted and is totally worth a few tries.

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