Why do cricketers wear long pants?

Each sport has its own set of guidelines for wearing the right outfit for the game. In cricket, players are often seen wearing tees and pants with the branding of the team’s name, the player’s name and the sponsor. So does this mean that trousers are a norm in cricket?

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Pants are the law

Yes. As per the laws of cricket, trousers are mandatory for players to wear. There are number of reasons that explain this. To begin with, cricket is often hailed as a gentlemen’s game. In order to go with the reputation and aesthetics, trousers serve the purpose. A second reason is the frequency of running that is involved in cricket.

Compared to other sports, cricketers get a good amount of time where they aren’t actively running in the game. Fielders often chase and dive in order to stop or catch the ball on the field. In order to avoid any bruises on scars by the field on the legs, trousers serve as a layer of protection. 

Cricket is a game that was first discovered in the colder demographic areas. This is also one of the reasons why trousers were passed on as a part of cricket outfit. One variant of cricket is beach cricket. As the name suggests, the sport is played with similar rules on beaches. Wearing shorts is allowed only in this form of cricket. It has thus become a tradition to wear trousers in cricket owing to the multiple historical and sporting reasons associated with it.

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