What is the unheard in doubles tennis?

Doubles Tennis is known to be a fast paced variant of tennis. Played with great dexterity and spontaneity combined, doubles tennis has been an integral part of tennis ever since its arrival. So given below is a list of techniques and variants of doubles tennis.

1) Australian Formation
This is a type of formation wherein the server and his partner line-up on the same side of the court. The server’s partner stays at the net facing the volleyer at the opposite side of the net. The disadvantage of this formation is that it leaves half the court open for the receiver to hit a return winner.

2) I-formation
In this formation the server’s partner places himself in the center service line. This places him in between the receiver and the volleyer of the opponent. This technique helps the players for poaching easily.

3) Poaching
This is a surprise attack by the volleyer at the net. It is a surprise attack as the ball is actually meant for his partner at the baseline. Often tennis players tend to “fake poach” in order to confuse their opponents. 

4) Canadian Doubles
This form of doubles tennis is also known as cutthroat tennis. This is justified as one player plays against two players. Here are the rules in brief:- The team of two players cannot hit the ball in the alley of their opponent or else it will be considered out.- The single player can play anywhere in the full doubles court.- The single player serves until the opponent team gets two points. After he keeps these points, the players move counter-clockwise.- The first to win 11 points with a difference of 2 wins the game.

5) Australian Doubles
The rules are same as Canadian doubles only that the players swap court position after each game. This form has various names in various countries. Australia – American Doubles; South Africa – American Singles/Cutthroat tennis; Caribbean – Australian Doubles

6) Jordache Tennis
This is the form of tennis which involves three players. Two players play at one time. Players win points in this fashion: 1 for 15, 2 for 30, 3 for deuce and so on. The first to 5 points wins the game. The first to 50 wins. The third player is replaced by the losing player.  The player who loses decides who will serve first in the next match. “Mini-Jordache” is a variant of this game where the first to 25 wins. 

7) Beach Tennis
This sport is played on a volleyball court with a 5 ft net at the center. It is played with a tennis racquet or paddle and a low compression orange ball. The player wins a point if the ball hits the ground. The serve can be underarm or overarm. The rules are same as of regular tennis, except that the set is 8 games long. Only one set decides the match. In case the score is 8-8, a 12 point tiebreak is played.  In 2007, this sport was played by Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff.

8) Deck Tennis
This form of tennis was said to originate in times of World War II. The game was played on decks of cruise and passenger ships. The game is a blend of tennis and quoits, giving it the synonymous name of “Tennikoit.” The rules tend to vary. The net is placed at a height higher than usual tennis. The scoring system remains the same as of regular tennis. Though, instead of a racquet and a ball, this sport is played with a rubber disk or a ring. The players throw the ring towards their opponent. The opponent immediately catches it and throws the ring back from the same place from where he caught the ring. The players score if their opponents fail to catch the ring or fail to throw the ring immediately. This form of tennis is rarely played in modern times. 

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