What is the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour?

On 1993, the ITF introduced a developmental circuit for the women. The circuit was fabricated for the players to have a stronger competition amongst themselves. This was made possible as the women then had to gain as many points as possible in order to qualify for the main tour level tournaments. In 2012, the WTA introduced the 125K series which was a level above the ITF circuit and below the main tour level tournaments. It was renamed to WTA 125 in 2021.

The ITF tournaments are categorized based on the prize money given by each tournament. There are hundreds of ITF Women’s tournaments spread globally. Players from over 30 countries participate in tier of the women’s tennis. The highest prize money awarded is $100,000 and the lowest level tournament offers $15,000. The winner of the topmost tier of the ITF Women’s circuit is awarded 150 points.

What is WTA in tennis?

In 2019, the tier was renamed to the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour. The new tier has combined the Junior tournaments, making it easier for the players to transition to the professional level. The new circuit offers between 15 to 100 points to the winner. There are over 560 tournaments under the new umbrella of events.

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