What is the easiest way to roll over a sports bonus?

Nowadays, most online bookmakers offer an initial sports bonus. This incentive is given to players to sign up and make a deposit on the site. It is very important to explain that these bonuses are not free of charge and remain locked until the bettor complies with the bonus rollover rule.
This article explains how to roll over bonuses, the details of this process, and whether there is an easy way to roll over the offers.

What does rolling over a sports bonus mean?

This is a condition under which you undertake to place bets on the value of the bonus and the deposit in order to unlock the funds and be able to withdraw your winnings. For example, if you are offered a bonus of 100% up to 100 euros, dollars, etc., you must deposit at least 100 in the respective currency or more to get the full amount of the bonus. It will remain locked if you do not place a certain number of bets.

Keep in mind that rolling over includes both your winning and losing bets. In most cases you will be asked to roll N times the amount of the deposit together with the bonus amount. At this point, you start betting on games to fulfill the rollover requirement.

We advise you to read the rules of the offer carefully to understand how the amount is rolled over. Don’t forget to check the minimum odds to bet on. The bookmaker may include rolling over a certain value of the bet as a requirement, such as 1.50, 2.00 and so on. Also see the bonus rollover deadline.

Easy way to roll over a sports bonus

We do not recommend betting large amounts to roll over your bonus faster. You might run out of money and eventually lose. Instead, make regular bets and keep track of how much you have left until you unlock the bonus. Some platforms have a special menu to monitor your progress. With others, you need to ask support.

The good news is that most bookmakers give you at least 30 days to roll over the cash prize. This way you will not have to spend everything at once; you can do it over one month. Of course, remember that if you do not meet the deadline, you will lose your bonus and any profit that came from it.

Now that you’ve read our comprehensive guide, you’re ready to start playing. We wish you the best of luck and a big win.

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