What is the difference between hot slot and cold slot machine?

Hot slots are slots that have been staying active and paying out. Cold slots are the opposite. They are inactive and haven’t paid out recently. In both cases, we have an indicator of previous performance. Type 3, Vegas-style slots aren’t programmed to remember. They use a Random Number Generator and the outcome of every spin is completely arbitrary.

The above definitions are analogical to hot and cold streaks. For example, a recent numbers board will inform you of the outcome of the play that just took place. They won’t tell you how the next spin will go.

No way to tell

A cold slot can go hot, stay cold, or find middle ground. The same with hot slots. If you follow the history of a particular slot, you might be able to gauge future performance, and some games are clearer than others in that regard. However, this is an exception to the rule.

Games with spin cycles may be about to get hot as you arrive at a certain number of spins. If a bonus has accumulated on a cold machine, a payoff might be impending. In every event, there’s no guarantee for what will happen.  

Still, that’s hardly information that satisfies you as someone who wants to win playing slots. Few players will say they don’t care what their chance at winning is. It helps to understand payback percentages and the ways, in which casinos advertise “hot slots” to attract players.

The function of RTP

Cold games are slots where the statistical return percentage is lower than the return to player rate. Hot games are the opposite. The SRP is higher than RTP in-game rules. Each casino and slot has a different RTP level. To maximize your chances of winning, it pays off to do research into these. Most game developers make their slots with several preset RTP levels. The RTP is publicly accessible information. however, some casinos use RTP levels that are lower or higher than the base RTP.

Every online casino needs the developer’s consent to change the RTP from the base level. This info must also be displayed on the page of the game, which players visit.

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