What is the difference between dead spins, quick spin and free spins?

Quick, free, and dead spins are standard slot machine elements. This short article explains the difference between these three types of spins.

Quick spin

The term “quick spin” refers to a 40-line game with a 5×3 reel set and bets in 50 cent increments. The extra 10 cents go toward covering the wheel spin payouts.

Standard quick spins come in three themes, but they all play the same. A limited set of symbols on the reels is an initial sign of low slot volatility. Higher volatility games feature over 10 symbol possibilities, making it harder for symbols to line up.

Some quick spin slots have the option of a payout in mixed configurations as well as a wild that pays out in combination with any other symbol. They will tend to line up quite often and payouts are not infrequent.

A lot of spins pay less than the bet, while some will pay 1-5x. Taken together, this will tend to keep the player going. Very often, the base game keeps the player on a very slow decline or steady even though it is possible to get ahead significantly if Lady Luck is on their side.

Free spin

A free spin is a spin on a slot game that players can enjoy without making a wager of any real money, which means they can’t lose money. Some free spins actually offer the chance of winning money, which makes them attractive to novice and professional bettors alike.

Dead spin

Finally, a dead spin is the opposite of a winning spin. It does not have the possibility of a payout. With winning spins, any kind of payout is possible.

Dead spins and winning spins have a particular ratio, which differs from slot to slot. This ratio comprises the so-called hit frequency. A frequency of 50 percent means half of the spins will be dead spins and the other half will be winning ones. The higher the hit frequency, the fewer the dead spins.

Some slots have fewer dead spins than others. More volatile games will have a much higher number of dead spins. However, the winning spins will bring in more money because they are less frequent.

The more volatile the slot, the higher the number of dead spins. This makes up for the potentially huge payout if the player gets lucky. Games with high hit frequencies and few dead spins pay out much less because of the more frequent winning spins.

Your choice of slot features such as free spins, dead spins, and quick spins depends on individual preference. It’s impossible to find a slot without any dead spins because they guarantee an advantage for the operator, which is also known as the house edge.

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