What is the Scatter symbol in slots terminology?

Software developers introduce unusual, innovative elements to make slot games in online casinos more attractive. These may include adding new modes, increasing the number of reels, and implementing unique symbols. One of these is the Scatter. The Scatter can increase your winnings a great deal as long as you know how to use it. We need to point out that the demo modes of the slots show these symbols too, but as you know, you won’t win anything playing a demo game.

All about the Scatter

The Scatter symbol makes it possible for every player to get big rewards no matter where the symbol is located on the playfield of the online slot. The Scatter symbol does not depend on the number of lines played or the size of your bets. Seeing a Scatter on the playground field means you stand to gain something, such as a free spin, a payout, a multiplying coefficient, or a bonus round.

Key features

The Scatter offers players additional opportunities to make money and multiply their winnings. Even if they don’t line up on the same line, the symbols are successful. Free spins are the biggest attraction of this special symbol. Free spins allow players to keep enjoying the game without investing any funds. If you’re playing for money, a free spin presents an additional chance to make a large amount of money.

In principle, scatter symbols appear on the slot games randomly. To get a free spin, you typically need to collect three scatter symbols. In modern slots, the scatters are present on all reels. This helps gamblers gain more beneficial bonuses apart from other extras.

The Scatter features prominently on most modern slot games. This is no surprise; all gaming software manufacturers have an interest in exciting fans with new and interesting developments. They offer attractive functions as well as fascinating stories. You can activate the free spin mode or choose from different pictures, which perform the features of a wild and scatter symbol. It all depends on your game of choice.

Always a reason to celebrate

The Scatter symbol gives any player a reason to celebrate and be happy. The chance of getting a nice, sometimes even an amazing gift is quite high. Scatter symbols don’t require a specific place and combination. Game developers are always adding and diversifying Scatters to draw attention. Each slot machine is different, so you’ll need to inform yourself in each individual case.

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