What is dead ball in Pickleball?

In most of the ball sports played across the globe, the term dead ball is commonly used. It refers to a situation when the ball is no longer in play. In any sport, an interval between two events is separated by a dead ball.

A dead ball represents the end of point in play when the ball is either hit as a fault or as a shot that ends the point. The following are the scenarios in pickleball when a ball is ruled dead:

  • If the ball bounces twice before being returned.
  • If the ball violates any of the rules that contribute to a fault. For example, hitting a ball out of bounds, volleying while standing in the kitchen, landing the ball in the net, faulty serve, compromising the double bounce rule, etc.
  • A hinder (distraction by an object or obstruction in play by any other means) called by the referee or a player immediately makes the ball dead. If the player gives a hinder call, then the referee will inspect if the call was valid. A valid call would result in the point being replayed. An invalid call would result in the player losing a point as a penalty.
  • A service let is when the ball touches the rim of the net and lands right in the service box. A player or referee can call a let serve and the ball would be dead. The point would be replayed.

There are over ten ways in which a ball can be ruled dead depending on the type of fault committed. All these faults would be separately discussed so kindly keep up with our thorough guides on Pickleball.

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