What does bye mean in tennis?

In sports, a bye refers to a team or a player getting a preferential status where they are automatically advanced to the next round of the tournament. In tennis,, draws follow a knockout system. Seeded players are placed in the draw such that they do not face each other in the earlier rounds. In every professional tournament except the four Slams, selected seeded players can receive a bye into the next round.

If a player who received a bye into the second round loses in the second round, then he or she shall receive prize money worthy of a second round finish. If a player who is allotted a bye in the first round withdraws from the tournament while he or she is at the site of the event also receives prize money of a second round finish.

Apart from the prize money, players receiving a bye also benefit in the ranking points they receive. Even if a player loses his or her second round match, they will receive ranking points for a second round finish. Like singles, the system of getting a bye applies to the doubles format as well. When a seeded player or team who has received a bye withdraws from the tournament, then any financial aspect pertaining to the withdrawing and the replacing players should be handled as per the regulations of the ATP (All Tennis Professionals) for men’s tennis and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) for women’s tennis. 

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