How do I get verified at Tsars casino?

The Tsars Casino brand is popular in many countries thanks to the games it offers its customers as well as the wide variety of convenient payment methods. To play in the casino, you need to register and undergo verification. If you are not a verified player, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings. You will learn more about this in our article.

Why is verification needed at Tsars Casino?

All gambling platforms must verify their customers’ identities, which includes uploading copies of personal documents. This is necessary because of the risks of misuse of personal data as well as fraud. On that note, it’s quite normal for Tsars Casino to ask for identification if you want to play their casino games. And to make it even clearer, we’ll give you a few good reasons to verify:

  • Prevention of identity theft;
  • Stopping minors from gambling;
  • Thwarting money laundering attempts;
  • Protection against any subversive actions against the online casino;
  • Establishing players’ real identity;

Given the above, verification is absolutely mandatory and cannot be skipped. As long as you’re not violating any terms, you have nothing to worry about. The entire process takes mere minutes. See some more detailed instructions below.

Tsars Casino verification guide

There are two ways to verify a Tsars Casino account. One is to attach photos of your documents from your profile on the site, and the other is to email them to the company. To do any one of these, you need ready-made copies of the documents in question. They must be in color and there must be images of both sides. If the photos are not clear, you might fail verification.

The main documents you will need for the verification are an ID card, a passport or a driver’s license. However, the operator also requires you to submit documentation for your physical address. This can be a utility bill or a bank-issued document, which indicates your address in the ID card. If you do not have anything in your name, you can get a social security document with the data required and be verified that way.

Last but not least, they will need a photo of your debit or credit card if you will be using it as a payment method. You need to photograph the card so that its number is visible, as well as the back. Cover the CVV number (the last three digits) with a sheet of paper so that it is not visible. This way you will be able to withdraw your winnings directly to your bank card.

How long does verification take?

Depending on the number of requests, the verification process may take longer than expected. Tsars Casino’s team does everything possible to review the submitted data in maximum 2-3 days, and in some cases it takes less time. If you do not receive a response to your email address within 7 business days, it is advisable to seek help from support. The staff is very responsive and will give you a quick and comprehensive answer to your question.

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