What is the format of Tiebreak Tens?

Tiebreak Tens is a format of lawn tennis where leading professional tennis players face each other in a format where all matches are played as tiebreaks.
Each match in Tiebreak Tens is like a penalty shootout. The player who is first to win ten points wins the match. The rules of the match are in line with the rules of professional tennis.

Eight players are placed in a knockout bracket. A coin toss or a game of rock-paper-scissors decides who will serve first. The loser of the toss chooses the side. Serving rules follow the ones that are seen in professional tennis. After the first point, players alternate after two points. At the end of six points, players change ends.

A player who reaches 10 points first with a difference of two points wins the match. If the score reaches 9-9 or 10-9, then the match continues until a player has a clear difference of two points. Players are allowed one challenge per match. If they win the challenge, they retain it. If they lose, they are given no further challenges.

The winner of the match is awarded $250,000 that is further given for charity. Since 2015, the event has been held each year except 2020. The tournament has been held at different venues like London, Vienna, Madrid, Melbourne, New York, Indian Wells and Dubai. The tournament has been played in men’s singles, women’s singles and mixed doubles disciplines.

Till date, only once has the tournament been played on clay courts. As of 2023, the event is yet to debut on grass courts.

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