The best live betting platforms

Live betting is an adrenaline rush, which was available to a limited number of people in a limited number of countries in the past. Of course, this is no longer the case. Online sports betting sites have found a solution to this problem.

Live betting platforms are a fact of life for many people today. Some of the big online live betting sites also offer a different set of games played in another country or even continent. This does not in any way make it hard to follow the specific game, even offering greater convenience. For example, you can watch it on a mobile device completely free of charge. This article provides details about many live betting platforms.

The best live betting sites in the US
One of the best-known sports betting sites in the US is DraftKings. The company recently announced a partnership with SportRadar, adding live viewing functionality. DraftKings allows users to watch matches in more than 100 different championships around the world. In addition, each new user receives a welcome bonus.

BetMGM is the next company we will look at. It was one of the first aggressive innovators who implemented their own version of streaming. The company broadcasts several of the best championships in Europe, including the Bundesliga and League 1 and 2 in England, as well as tennis matches from the ATP and Roland Garros.

SugarHouse was the first company registered in the United States to offer live streaming for more than 2 years. The company partners with major teams from Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Croatia and others.

DraftKings Betting Site

Why use live betting sites?

Sites of this type give users a profound thrill. Some bettors live for the pleasure from betting on a match live. Broadcasting a non-mainstream sport live not only increases the potential excitement, but also the amount of money for bookmakers.

There are other tangible benefits to using a live betting site:

  • There is usually a delay in the streaming, but by watching, you can predict which team or player is going to win and thus decide which is the best betting option;
  • Some users of live streaming sites see it as their main source of entertainment. Subscribing to all possible sports channels would be too expensive and probably confusing. Live betting sites give you access to all the sports available at the click of a button;
  • For most users, it is more convenient to have everything in one place, and in addition, streaming is available on both desktop and mobile.

What to focus on when choosing a live betting site?

There are a number of key factors in determining which site is best for your needs. Many of these factors are crucial in choosing a bookmaker, regardless of the sports broadcast. Factors include:

  • Range of sports. How many and what sports does the bookmaker broadcast? Some bookmakers broadcast a wide range of championships live, but do not allow their users to watch the biggest ones. Such bookmakers may be useful for football fans around the world, but not for people who watch the biggest European championships, for example;
  • Technical requirements. In many cases, the reliability of your internet connection is decisive. Some bookmakers have better-optimized software that does not require a strong internet connection, making them a better choice for players in countries without high-speed internet. Technically, each site has different requirements, but in general most of them require a minimum connection of 512Kbps.
  • Access requirements. You can’t just open an online betting site and expect to watch football without undergoing identification. All such sites require you to register as a bare minimum, and some of them also require an active bet on the specific match before they let you watch it live;
  • Hardware space. Many streaming applications are large and require a lot of computing resources. To ensure high quality streaming, you need to make sure that you have enough space and that you maintain the minimum requirements specified by the developers of the specific application;
  • Easy to use. Complex applications confuse users and they turn to easier-to-use alternatives. Even the best bookmaker needs to consider overall user satisfaction from using its app;
  • Deposit options. Consumers are looking for a variety of payment methods. You need to find out if the bookmaker of your choice supports your preferred deposit method;
  • Signup bonuses. Every big bookmaker offers bonuses and promotions to attract new customers. When choosing a place to bet, you need to make sure you choose the most attractive promotions and bonuses;
  • Security. Security is an important aspect when choosing an app. The bookmaker must have taken the necessary steps to protect its customers and their personal data.

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