What is The Boodles in tennis?

The Boodles in tennis refers to the Boodles and Dunthorne Challenge Cup that was first held in 2002. Sponsored by Boodles, the luxury jewellery brand, this tennis event is played on the grass courts of Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire. The idea of the tournament was first conceived by sports agent Patricio Apey.

The Boodles is scheduled in the week before Wimbledon and serves as a warm-up event for many professional athletes. The event does not allow more than 1900 spectators in order to ensure that viewers can have a good look at tennis and the jewellery on display.

The Boodles has regularly featured players who are positioned in the Top 10 men’s singles rankings. The Boodles challenge declared a winner each year from 2002 till 2014. Astonishingly, no player has won the title twice. Starting in 2015, the tournament changed its format and players played each other in exhibition matches. The COVID-19 pandemic disallowed the tournament to be held between 2020 to 2022. The tournament returned in 2023, yet again featuring singles and doubles exhibition matches between top male athletes.

The Boodles Challenge was never a part of the ATP Tour. Thus, the winner or participants of the event do not receive any ranking points. The format of the tournament is such that the ones featuring in the competitive format are given three matches whereas the non-competitive players play once daily.
The premium facilities and scenic grass courts continue to attract the top athletes of the world to gear up for Wimbledon.

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