SlotV App for iOS and Android

For many players around the world, SlotV is one of the most favourite online casinos. This platform is preferred by many due to the multitude of games, it boasts with slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, scratch cards an whatnot. Nowadays it is much more convenient for online casino users to bet via mobile devices. Which leads us to the main Slotv disadvantage – it doesn’t have a mobile application. You can play only through the mobile version of the website.

Most online casinos tend to create mobile apps of their own, which enables the players to bet just by a few clicks on their mobile device. However, such a software is not available yet, although there are a lot of comments that it is going to be released soon. For now, there is no point searching for it in online stores like Google Play or App Store.

Sadly, the developers are still not ready to introduce a mobile application that works withthe most widely used operational systems – IOS for Apple devices and Android for Google devices. You’ve got the option to bet through the mobile version of the website only. It provides all you need for a delightful experience

In order to access the SlotV mobile version, you need to enter the address of the website in the browser of your mobile device.. The other option you have is to simply click on the link provided in this review, which opens the website. A small version of the website, precisely fitting the display of your mobile device, will appear on your screen.
Don’t be rushing o judge that the mobile version is not as good as an app! On the contrary – it is better in a way, since it saves you some space by not filling up the memory of your phone or tablet. Note that thanks to the responsive design of the website, you will see all types of games. You will also be able to register and to use the deposit and withdrawal methods available.

SlotV App conclusion provided by the Betting Dog reviewal team

In case you are looking for a SlotV mobile app, let us assure you there is no such application at present. Although this fact might be disappointing for you, note that the developer will most likely do anything possible to provide you such a software in the near future. Remember, you can always use the mobile version described above. It will give you an full on experience and there is no way you will be left disappointed by its functionality. We wish you best of luck whilst using Slotv online casino. Don’t forget you should bet with money you can afford to lose and online gambling is meant to be just for fun and entertainment.

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