Slot machine Blinged

Blinged is a casino slot game developed by the software company Play’n Go, with a musical note aimed at hip-hop fans, which contains many precious jewelry, which are the main elements in the network of the game.

Review of the slot game

Hip-hop is not as popular in the gambling industry as it is in the music industry, where it has dominated for many years. Pimped is supposed to be the first slot that comes with a rap-inspired theme and becomes really good as it immediately magnetizes the hearts and minds of players from all over the world.

Today we will offer you another representative of the music industry, which is also implemented in the gambling industry. If you haven’t seen the title yet, it’s Blinged. The first thing that is visible with the release of the slot is that the symbols and color scheme have changed, but in essence the game is very similar to the other mentioned above – Pimped.

Like its predecessor, Blinged is centered around gold, gems and other luxury attributes that emphasize status and determine success. The very loading of the game will take you for a moment to the middle of a metropolis, presumably in New York, which despite the night rays is also full of light.

The background is inherent in the other Play’n Go games. First-class quality and refined details that bring additional style to the game. In the background is a soundtrack, which further contributes to a better experience of the game.

The slot has the typical wild symbol, which is presented in a female role and represents the most winning element. We need at least 3 symbols per line to win our prize, while the highest prizes are taken in five combinations.

Items that can fall into a winning combination

Wilde – multiplier 100x on our bet

Rapper – multiplier 75x on our bet

Trio of ladies – multiplier 50x on our bet

Seal ring – multiplier 40x on our bet

Sneakers / Money – multiplier 25x on our bet

Royal A – multiplier 15x on our bet

Royal K – multiplier 12.5x on our bet

Royal Q – multiplier 10 on our bet

Royal J – multiplier 7.5 on our bet

Royal 10 – Multiplier 5 on our bet

As you can see, Blinged is a very generous game and you can take advantage of all the symbols that form good bonuses and multipliers. The highlight of the game is undoubtedly the Wild symbol, which not only acts as a substitute for other symbols, but helps to make winning combinations or improve existing ones.

Bonus benefits

Play’n Go retains the original thread on which Pimped is built and adheres to the winning formula in Blinged. This is enough to convey that you won’t find any major innovations related to the features in this title. If you played the predecessor, you will notice with the naked eye that the basic mechanics are almost the same. Blinged comes with only two features – Win Spins and Respins. The key to them is the Scatter symbol, which can appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the main game. The symbol is presented as a shiny diamond.

If you collect 3 scatters, you will activate the Win Spins function, which guarantees you several successful spins. If you have 3 scatters, you will be rewarded with 5 winning spins. Each additional scatter during the prizes add 1 more experience to Win Spin. The maximum is 20.

Free bonus spins always lead to winnings and in case a non-winning one happens, you will receive a Respin until you win again. In addition, each Respin increases the increasing multiplier by 1x and the multiplier is not reset between spins.

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