Casino slot game Diamond Vortex

Diamond Vortex is a online casino slot machine with 3 concentric rings, which form winning slot combinations. Play ‘n Go are masters when it comes to creating extremely innovative and unusual online slot games. Diamond Vortex is a near masterpiece of moving parts and profits coming from “chain reaction” that would give higher profits than most other games. The game has a cosmic touch, although the visual effects are not as impressive as their other similar slot games (e.g. Gold Volcano). The symbols fall from the top to fill the hexagonal grid, and the gains come when the symbols match in the cluster.

The principle of the game is very similar to that of Honey Rush (also a Play ‘n Go game), with the whole game developing in a 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 network. Bets can range from 20 Euro cents to 100 Euros per spin. This range is common for most games. In the background of the game we can see a rotating nebula, and in the very center of it is the network where the most important things happen. The multipliers are dynamic, with a maximum of 20x.

What are the bonus features of the game?

Not only does the slot look unusual, but it also comes with a much larger set of features. On paper, the features may sound complicated, but if you try them in the game, you will immediately feel that this is far from the case.

Everything is played out in 3 concentric rings, each ring appearing with a zone (dark spot) in its upper part. A place is marked at the bottom and it rotates with the symbol until it merges with its designated area at the top. This bonus feature is activated each time you hit a winning cluster. The three types of rings move in different directions – the outer and the inner one clockwise whereas the central one counter-clockwise. Once you receive your winnings and the winning symbols disappear, the remaining symbols continue to move as described above, before falling again and filling in the gaps.

In this game you will be able to take advantage of two special characters (wild), which are called sticky and core wild. The latter is located in the center of the net, while the sticky ones can be attached during the cascades. Stick bonuses remain in play if they are part of a winning cluster. However, in that case they jump one ring closer to the core of the winning cluster in which they participate.

When the sticky bonuses reach the innermost ring, they are sucked in, which is the “consumption” function. It turns core wild into a wild multiplier and increases by one each time a sticky bonus is consumed. In this way, a core wild multiplier can be formed up to 20x, but the multiplier is only applied to wins involving the core wild base. It is reset to 1x with each new subsequent rotation.

Another function is “transform”. It is activated when the lower part rotates and merges with the upper part. The function converts all symbols in the ring to identical ones. The point later returns to the bottom with each new rotation.

Free spins in Diamond Vortex

Bonus spins in the game are triggered in a slightly different way than usual. Here the spots will not return down between spins and the core multiplier will not reset in the same period. It is possible to upload new bonus symbols and get 5 free spins if one of them reaches the core. This must happen before the end of the free spins.

Diamond Vortex casino slot machine

How to play Diamond Vortex slot machine?

As we noted, the gameplay sounds a bit complicated when you read, but in reality things are not exactly like that when it comes time to play. The interface is similar to other games from this developer and if you have already played them, you will get used to it faster.

When you start, you can use the “i” button to get additional information about the various features, as well as a quick guide on the basics of the game. For some of them there are good illustrations that would help to get even faster into the essence of the game.

The bet level determines the values of the symbols and if it is changed, they will be updated at any time. To get a profit, we need between 6 to 35 matching symbols in a cluster. The best paid symbol is the red crystal, which multiplies your bet by 100 which is 35+ in the cluster.

The avalanche helps to remove the winning symbols and gives a chance to get new winning ones, again. The arrows help you to choose your bet, which again remind you that it varies between 20 Euro cents and 100 Euros. The game has a very interesting feature called “flash” (small icon at the bottom left), which makes the game play much faster. There is also a mute icon if it distracts you.


Merging rings and symbol zones through transformation;

Progressively increasing multiplier consuming another one (sticky wilds);

Free spins in which the progressive multiplier is not reset;

High volatility and 5000x maximum profit multiplier.


Customizable RTP bands are something to watch out for.

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