Skybet minimum deposit

Users of Skybet have to make deposits in the currencies available. At the moment, these are limited to euros and British pounds. Deposits are made by debit card (Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard or Visa Electron) or via e-wallet like PayPal. Credit cards are not accepted, even those registered with online payment services like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

The minimum deposit for the payment methods is 5 pounds and 10 for PayPal. The lower and upper limits change from time to time at Skybet’s discretion.

Users aren’t allowed to register more than three debit cards and one e-wallet on their account at any given time. They must get in touch with customer service if they want to change their payment method. Alternatively, they can use the services provided on the websites and/or mobile and tablet applications.

The website has a “Net Deposit” policy, according to which users can only remove a payment method from their account if the net deposit on all payment methods is zero or negative. They need to contact customer service if the payment method that has “Net Deposits” on their account is no longer active.

It’s very easy to make a deposit on Skybet. You just go to the “Deposit” link on the site. It’s always the same regardless of whether you’re on tablet, mobile, or desktop. You can make a deposit if you’re playing roulette or poker too. To do that, go to “Cashier” or “Account” in the game window. Enter an amount you want to deposit, your access data, and the payment method of your choice. After you click the deposit button, your payment will be processed, instantly in the vast majority of cases.

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