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Online wallet Skrill is among the most used payment methods by online casinos, betting sites, poker platforms, Forex websites and more. The company launched in 2011 in London, England, and currently has over 35 million users. In this review, you will learn how to use Skrill for international payments. We will tell you the most important steps for registration, deposits, withdrawals and the system interface.

How to open an account with Skrill?

Creating an account on the Skrill website is not difficult at all and will not take up much of your time. In order to go through the registration process, you need to follow a few steps, after which you will gain access to your account and will be able to use it as intended. And since we would like to be of use, we will give you instructions on how to register for your account:

  • Go to the Skrill website;
  • Press the button “Register” at the top right corner;
  • Fill in your first name and surname;
  • Choose your country from the drop-down menu;
  • Choose the preferred currency;
  • Fill in the your e-mail address;
  • Think of a password and type it in;
  • Finally, confirm your registration by pressing the button “Register”;

After creating your profile, you need to add a few more details. You will need to set up your PIN code, preferred payment methods and some other details that you will see in the system. That is everything that needs to be done.

Skrill registration

Skrill verification

In the beginning, your Skrill account will have low daily payment limits. This can change once you have confirmed your account and are verified on the online wallet. To pass this procedure, you will need to prove you are the owner of the address given as well as provide your PIN code. This way the daily limits will be removed and you will be able to make higher deposits and withdrawals. If you have any problems, contact the support team.

What can Skrill be used for?

You can transfer funds from your bank account or debit card to your system account as well as receive money from different people. You have the option to deposit the funds available in your account into bookmaker sites, online casinos and trading platforms. You can also withdraw the funds via bank transfer or bank card. There is also an option for a special Skrill card to be issued, with the help of which you can withdraw without paying any commission. This card can be ordered directly from the e-wallet.

Since we mentioned commissions, it is necessary that we point out that these can be applied when you withdraw funds to your bank account or card. You will see the fee you need to pay directly on the system; we are not mentioning them on purpose because they can be different and tend to change over time. At the moment, the fee is around 5.50 EUR of the total amount. However, you will not owe fees if you receive the special Skrill card.

Online Casinos working with Skrill

Many of the famous online casinos work with the Skrill system. The users can make deposits and withdrawals. We will point out some of the online gambling platforms that support this payment method, so that you know where it is applicable and be able to use it where necessary. See the list below.

Skrill application

Advantages and disadvantages of Skrill

A lot of users have different opinions of Skrill. For example, players in online betting platforms like it because of the quick deposits and withdrawals. Others are not keen on it because some bookmakers have turned off the deposit options for people who use the e-wallet. Another disadvantage is also the commission paid for withdrawals to bank accounts. Nevertheless, if we look objectively the positives are a lot more.

You receive high level of security, an opportunity to pay in over 50 Internet casinos, trading platforms and others. Everything works quickly and easily with no any special-skill requirements. Thus, Skrill is an excellent online wallet that you can use especially if you are of age and have an affinity towards gambling on the web or online brokers, trading stocks, contracts, assets, Forex and other types of investments.

Skrill transfer money online with Skrill eWallet

Skrill Support

We mentioned the pros and cons of the e-wallet above. But, we didn’t mention that it does not provide live chat support, which is a big disadvantage. At this stage, the easiest way to communicate with the support staff is via this e-mail address They reply quickly, but still the lack of live chat makes a bad impression. We have communicated with support via e-mail numerous times and have received prompt responses. Queries regarding the website and payments are also accepted.

In summary

Skrill has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a payment system that is used by millions of users all over the world. It is clear that we cannot talk about the best e-wallet in the world, but if we discuss payments in betting sites, Forex trading or else, it is good indeed that we use this system. We tried to give you detailed information, which you can learn how to use the website from, in order to make deposits and withdrawals. We would be happy if you liked our review and we wish you luck.

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