Single bets – is that the best winning strategy?

Understanding the single bet strategy is essential if you consider yourself a good tipster. Big success in single bets is a prerequisite for combinations with other bets and the corresponding pursuit of higher total odds. Regardless of your resources or your risk tolerance, a single bet is always the best choice for betting on sporting events. Yes, instant games can be fun at a given time, but they are not a long-term strategy to rely on.

For those who want to get more serious about the subject and make profits in the future, choosing the right games and strategies are part of the time-tested formula for winning.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is behind the term “single bet”;
  • Why are single bets so popular;
  • Strategies to maximize profit using single bets.

What is a single bet?

As the name suggests, the single bet concerns how an individual match will develop, ex. under / over a certain number of goals, etc. The other name for this type of bet is “direct bet” and it is known for being too easy to understand.

If you want to place a direct bet on a match (ex Barcelona against Real Madrid), you only need to predict the score. It is important to know that your chance of winning one single bet is always greater than what you’d get with higher odds based on it along with another bet.

What is a single bet

Are single bets too boring?

Do you like Coca-Cola or a well-cooked thin crust pizza? They haven’t changed in decades and every time you have one, it’s like the very first time. This is exactly the point here – applying something that’s well-established and works. The math tells us that single bets are the best thing possible, part of every good player’s arsenal.

According to calculations by US experts, a bet of -110 (according to the American odds system) requires a success rate of 52.4% to always make a profit. Achieving such a result is not an easy task and involves a great deal of further analysis and selection of a suitable bookmaker who is willing to give higher odds.

Many of you are aware that the straight column with multiple matches is often doomed right from the start. What’s worse is when all of your bets win except for one, which ruins everything. It is clear that sports bookmakers are trying to attract gamblers with options and variety, but any deviation from the well-known conventional bets is an additional risk. It’s good to know that adding different ornaments to a bet is not necessarily a good thing. Or to reinforce the metaphor – the classic car is still preferred over the many imitations on the market.

Single bet strategy

The mistake of making different bets on a different number of matches inevitably results in disappointment. Straight columns were made to ruin great streaks because they need full success, which is difficult to achieve in real-world conditions and in the long run.

There are three main components to a successful single bet:

  • A solid approach or system when choosing bets;
  • Persistence and commitment to the chosen strategy;
  • Good fund management.

Just like the stock exchange or any business, you need to be stable and firm.

How to bet and when?

Whether they rely more on an analysis of the sport or follow some trends around it, most winning players have a consistent approach that they follow and apply in the long run. There are some proven tools and strategies in the form of systems that can help you judge whether your instincts are right.

How to bet and when?

Trust the process

Finding an effective strategy starts with being able to define yourself as a player. If you are a person who believes in numbers, do not make the mistake of relying on intuition. Reading articles or listening to podcasts is great, but take care not to be overly influenced by other people’s opinions.

Another very important tip is not to judge the outcome on the basis of several bets. In general, this is a volatile process with lots of profits and losses. Persistence is what will lead to profit in the long run.

What are the optimal bets?

Your level of comfort is based on the funds available to you. Of course, your confidence matters too. The best players have a well-defined system that they follow, which makes this type of decision a lot simpler and easier.

To give an example of a strategy, we would choose the following: If your funds amount to $500, your first bet is 5% ($25). If you win, you now have $525. With the second bet, you can choose to bet 5.25% of the new total (about $27.50). If you lose, you reduce the percentage slightly and stick to your strategy. Of course, this is not financial advice or a scheme to follow, but it is an example of a strategy that some players follow.

Using a dynamic system will increase your funds if you win, but at the same time, it will mitigates losses because your bets are also reduced when this happens. Another option is to categorize bets. The best ones deserve a higher percentage, the average ones a lower one, and the worst ones – the lowest percentage of your funds.

Bets are always fun when you win

Understandably, there is always the adrenaline rush that comes with sports betting. However, it is ultimately best for players when they win. Your behavior at times of big gains and losses is a key factor for success in the long run. If you can’t control your emotions in such moments and keep your head, then the chances of achieving long-term success are certainly much lower.

Of course, we would all like to win huge amounts of money, but different types of bets can be tempting as well as hard to plan. If you have a good working system and self-discipline, your chances of achieving satisfying results are certainly high.

The cliche is valid as always: never bet more money than you can afford to lose.

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