Scratch cards online – the contemporary betting method

Many of us remember the scratch card games – the cards we scratched in the hope of finding winning symbols. Nowadays, scratch games have moved online. What hasn’t changed is that you can still play and make money from them. Here’s how to play, where you can find similar games, and what you need to know about scratch cards. We hope this will be useful to you.

Scratch Card Rules

The scratch card game starts after you buy a card. Depending on the online casino where you play, the  prices vary. The cards themselves are divided into 3 by 3, 4 by 4 or 5 by 5  columns. You have to make a bet and then open the squares one by one or choose the option to automatically open all the squares. You need a match of winning symbols, and you can see the winnings in the special help table that comes with each game.

For example, if you have 3 squares with the same symbol, you will win a cash prize depending on your bet. You will see a virtual coin, with which to “scratch” the card. Alternatively, you can click on the “show all” option to open all the squares in the card. In case you want to get information about the prizes of the different symbols, look for a question mark or the letter [i] on the screen.

What types of online scratch games can we find?

The variety of scratch games is nothing short of vast. You may come across cards with symbols of fruit, comic book characters, or animals. The other option is for the symbols to represent numbers. Both options have the same rules.

With older games online, you have to delete the squares one by one, using a virtual coin. Other games only have an automatic function to open the squares. The latest ones have both manual and automatic opening of each square in the columns.

We should not forget that some online gambling operators offer scratch games, which let you hit the big jackpot. You do this if you find a specific number of identical symbols, which are listed in the table of the game. Of course, we wish everyone could make as much as possible when they “scratch” the cards.

Bonuses and offers

While bonuses in this type of game are rare, they do exist. Some scratch cards have symbols that double your winnings. For example, if a scatter symbol is displayed, it can double your bet. To check if there are such offers, you need to use the help menu, in which you view the offers in detail. The menu has all the information about the winning combinations and possible bonuses.

Online betting with scratch cards

Scratch card betting strategies and tips

Scratch cards are known as games of chance. There’s no winning strategy with virtual cards. However, we can give you some tips that we think will be useful for you.

The most important thing to avoid doing is buying a large number of cards. Some believe that since they didn’t win the first few times, their luck will turn when they buy more scratch cards. However, this is not true, because the casino always has an edge. If you have not succeeded from the beginning, it is better to give up on time.

If you have experience with physical scratch cards, you might recall that the number of cards you buy didn’t guarantee winnings. Do not kill losses with new bets. Don’t wait for your luck to turn – quit while you can. 

Trying to hot the jackpot with scratch cards

Where can we find online scratch games?

Many online casinos offer scratch games. Users can try their demo versions, where the game is free. You open the squares on the cards and symbols appear, but you only earn virtual points. However, there is an option to play for real money. You need to register with an online casino, make a deposit, buy cards, and start betting. You can do so on the following sites:






…and more!

What are the most famous scratch games on the internet?

Scratch card lovers can find plenty of titles in online casinos. Of course, there are some games with a huge number of fans, so we’ll share them here for you to find and experience the thrill of scratching virtual cards online:

Piggy Bank Scratch

Kitty Ca$h Scratch

Scratch Match

Dragons’s Scroll

Cops & Robbers

Blood Bank Scratch

Cast for Cash Scratch

Scratch Soccer

Old fashioned paper scratch cards

You can find these games in the online casinos we listed above in our guide. All of them have a demo version that you can activate without registering. The other option is to bet real money and win considerable prizes. Of course, in online casinos you will come across dozens or even hundreds of titles.

Final thoughts

If you like games of chance, scratch cards can bring you a lot of emotions. You can win small amounts or even hit the big jackpot – we hope you do. The games are simple and easy to understand. You just open the squares and hope that the winning symbols will appear.

If you are one of those people who nostalgically remember the cards with pyramids, clovers, and other symbols, then you’ll find there is nothing not to like. There are no strategies here and no way to manipulate the system. Luck is all you can hope for.  

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