Saxon music slot game

Play’n Go returns with another tune-up slot game in a branded rock series. This time it comes with a new British heavy metal band – Saxon, which further decorates their slot.

The developer has maintained its rich standard by making a very good slot. They have made sure that no fan of the band is disappointed. The features of the game this time are simple. At the same time they can be extremely effective when everything is arranged in the right way. Here again, the progressive profit multiplier is on display which helps to increase the winnings according to the order of the symbols. The animation of the slot is more than good and includes lead singer Biff Byford and Harley.

Volatility is certainly quite high in this game. We can only tell you that it reaches a multiplier of 10,000 times on your bet . This is much more than the usual for this developer. Yet it is far from masterpieces like Thrash Metal. The audio-visual presentation in the game is solid and all this is very well put together with a nice pace and feel.

What are the bonus features of the Saxon slot?

The bonus features are not too complicated. They can certainly be effective enough when your luck is in the right conditions. You can take advantage of special elements that always cover the full drums when they enter the network. Wild also proves to be the most valuable symbol in the game because it pays 50 times your bet for 5 on a pay-line, according to the pay-table.

However, the arrival of 5 wilds would be difficult because they always come in a different configuration and it would be difficult to achieve perfection. The Wild symbol is not the only one that can come in order as everyone else can enter in the same way. Each time this happens, the odds increase by 1, and increase by 2 for each ordered wild.

Free spins in Saxon

In order to activate the bonus round for free spins, special conditions must be met. In this game, they are the vocalist Biff Byford and the symbol of a motorcycle, which must come out at the same time. These two symbols merge in the middle and you will see a very cool animation in which the leading singer rides his bike from a bar and exits on the open highway. You will then receive your promised number of free spins, which varies between 5 and 15.

If you have already accumulated a multiplier to win the trigger, it will be transferred to the free spins circle. The multiplier will continue to increase in the same way as in the main game, but with the condition that it will not reset between spins.

How to play Saxon Play-N-Go game?

The first thing we recommend you to do is click on the music note button on the left. A list will open that will allow you to choose between 8 different Saxon hit songs. You have the ability to create a playlist that works in shuffle mode, alternating songs as you play.

The next thing you are advised to do is press “i” under the music note. There is an opportunity to read everything about the various features of the game, to look at the illustrations that can make things even clearer for you.

The dynamic system that is inherent in this developer is again in force in this game. This means that the values of the symbols affect the total bet you have chosen . The betting range is between 10 Euro cents and 100 Euros per spin. It is also possible to set up an automatic game that has a game between 10 and 100 automatic spins. In this case, you can take advantage of different profit and loss limits, which will stop the game according to our criteria.


The features may not be super original and innovative, but the unusually high volatility makes the game more special. This gives the player an opportunity to win up to 10,000 times on your bet.


– Arranged symbols and wilds increase the multiplier of winnings

– Free spins where the multiplier is not reset

– High volatility and 10,000 multiplier


– It would be difficult to like people who do not like the band or the style of music in general

– Be careful with RTP bands

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