Riddle Reels slot game

Riddle Reels is a slot game that relies on a more mysterious theme, such as that of detectives. It is similar to the other games of the creators of Play n Go and is compatible for playback, both on a desktop computer and via smartphone.

Game review

The theme of the game is the meeting with the best detective in the world in order to solve a global problem. The game is a 3×3 reel slot with 9 paylines. The theme is one of the most famous game characters – the image of Sherlock Holmes. The slot draws inspiration mainly from the well-known fruit machines, which are largely the traditional types of games in the world of board games.

The average RTP of Riddle Reels

The Case of Riches is about 96.22%. The volatility of the game is MED. But as we have warned you before, you need to be careful with RTP ranges, which means that some operators may underestimate the value of RTP. We recommend that you look at all the possible RTP options in the dedicated section. This is a must if you don’t want to lose your money blindly without knowing the clear value of RTP in the particular slot . Riddle Reels gives the right to bet in the standard range from 0.1 to 100 pounds, and the maximum multiplier in the game is 5000x of our bet . If you play with the maximum bet and get the maximum multiplier, the profit ceiling of this game is 500,000 pounds.

The most important and valuable symbols in this slot game are: the image of Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler, Charles August Milverton, Eugene Ronder and Professor Moriarty. Another known part of the other symbols are a pistol, a knife, a wrench and a rope.

There are three types of Wilds that you can use. These are the standard Wild, with a multiplier of 2 and one with a multiplier of 3. Each of these symbols can replace another symbol (except the scatter) to create a payline. The multiplication factor increases all the winnings that have been made so far. If the winning combination contains more than one wild multiplier, then your winnings will be multiplied by the product of these two wilds (for example, a multiplier of 2x and 3x gives a total multiplier of 6x).

Scatter symbols in this game are not so simple. But at the same time it gives them extra functionality. This game has many features that you will surely like!

How do the bonus features in the game work?

Falling on 2 scatters on any drum will cause a new rotation. The reels that contain your scatter symbols will be held and the latter will spin again. If the scatter does not fall on the second spin, the “Mystery” function will be activated. If a scatter hits on a second spin, the “Case of Riches” bonus function will be activated. A more detailed description of the two functions can be found below in the text.

As a result of repeated rotation, if the third scatter does not hit the reels, you reactivate the “Mystery” function and two scatter symbols are duplicated on their respective reels. Eventually, they will all be converted into another symbol, and then the payout of winnings will take place.

When three scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Case of Riches bonus will be activated. It consists of several parts:


Start the case

The board and the challenges

Solution of the case

Wheel for a second chance

The object of this bonus game is to gather evidence and solve the Sherlock Holmes case. If this happens, you will get 4 moves. Your task is simply to roll the dice at the beginning of each move. After throwing it, you will see Sherlock move on the board and stop for free spins.

The board is located around the reels and includes 14 squares, including the one at the start. The challenge will be played on the drums in the center of the board. During the draw, you will be able to win modifiers for the reels, and at the end of the task you will be rewarded with key points.

After the four moves, if you have collected enough clues to solve the case, you will receive a Mega Spin with three reels. The third one will be filled with wild symbols and their multipliers. After that, the Mega Spin function will work again, giving you another case that needs to be resolved.

It is likely that the four spins will end, but you have not yet collected enough points. In this case, you will get a wheel with tips, and turning it will give you a new chance to get a solution to the case. If the wheel then hits a winning segment, you will open the box, but otherwise the case is lost and the bonus feature will end.

The size of the winning segment in Clue Wheel will depend directly on the number of Clue points you have accumulated along the way so far. If you win a case through the Wheel of Key Points, you will have a chance to solve another case.

It sounds complicated at first glance, but entering the game, with practice, things will become clearer and clearer with each turn. Collect evidence and clues, and then the solution to the mystery will come only!

Like most games from this developer, Riddle Reels can be played from a desktop or laptop computer or smartphone.

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