Reactoonz 2 Slots

Look who’s back in town! It is Reactoonz 2 with its popular spooky eyes peeking out. The game is second edition of one of the best game slots of Play’n GO developers. Since the original was such a hit, this really raised great expectations for this one. The changes of the new edition at first don’t seem like much, but they are quite enough to make a difference. Reactoonz 2 is actually equipped with a meter, the modifiers are rearranged and the Wilds have a few exquisite tricks up their sleeve to use.

Initially, you might see nothing new. The grid of Reactoonz 2 is still 7×7, there is a simple blue background and sonorous soundtrack. However, you will then notice a meter on the right for cluster wins.

You have the chance to play the game on any device you wish and what’s more, the bets vary between 0.20 and 100 euro/pounds/dollars per spin. The mathematic model is quite similar to the original, although the default RTP is a bit lower – up to 96.2%. The volatility is still high (8/10), so that the players can enjoy this improved game mathematically, which is quite essential.

Reactoonz 2 Game review

The players will be very familiar with the symbols already. The ordinary and premium symbols can be spotted easily. We are sure that the difference between one-eyed and two-eyed monster symbols is not something you would miss. Win is rewarded in case of clusters of five or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically triggering the cascade feature. 15+ symbol clusters are the most valuable combinations and the reward there varies from 3x to 500x your bet.

The four remaining symbols are Wilds with different abilities. The least wanted is the type of Wild that doesn’t form any wins. They can transform into electric Wilds, though, which occurs when they are close to a win or when the Wild Pair Explosion feature is triggered.

Features and slot bonuses

A simple review is not enough to explain you all the game features, but you will quickly catch up when you start playing. Each winning cluster fills in the meter that later on triggers bigger and better bonus features.

The key to big wins is the cascade feature. All the winning clusters vanish, by being replaced with the new symbols. This would go on until there are no more wins to be made by new winning symbols you landed on.

Each time you spin the reels one of the one-eyed symbols is chosen at random. If these symbols are enough to form a win, then at one of the free spaces an electric Wild appears. It also fills the fructometer and once it is totally charged, 1-3 electric Wilds are added to the grid. The fructometer can be filled more than once.

Electric Wilds replace all payment symbols. All the non-Wild symbols fill another meter called quantometer, which can be charged by a single symbol.

In order order to get charge bonuses, you have to get 55, 85, 110 and 135 charges respectively for Level 1, 2, 3 or 4. Each releases a different type of Wild:

  • Level 1 releases four 1х1 Energoon Wild symbols;
  • Level 2 releases a single 2х2 Energoon Wild symbol;
  • Level 3 releases a single 3х3 Gargantoon Wild;
  • Level 4 adds х2 multiier for all the wins, except for those result of Gargantoon Wilds.

In case a cascade is triggered by 3х3 Gargantoon, then it is divided into two Wilds forming 2х2 grid of the symbols. If they also trigger a cascade themselves, then they are replaced by 9 Wilds with a size 1х1.

But the bonus features don’t stop here… When all the bonus features are ready and there are 2 or more electric Wild symbols, then the Wild Pair Explosion  feature gets triggered. If 2 electric Wilds, adjacent to each other, are available, all the symbols, with the exception of the Wilds are removed by the grid. If the Wilds are not adjacent, the symbols between them get destroyed (except the rest of the Wilds). There are no wins awarded by the destroyed symbols, but they fill in the quantometer.


If you have played the original game slots, you would definitely be familiar with most of the gameplay, but still we recommend you to try the demo in the beginning. Thus, you will understand better how the meters (that you will inevitably use) work. The chance of a win in Reactoonz 2 is also a bit unrealistically exaggerated, since now it is 5083 times your bet.

The interface of the game is related to the strange creatures again, as expected, and they are super personalized. The way they act on the grid is as charming as ever. And last, but not least: if we compare it with Reactoonz, the second version hasn’t lost its extremely fascinating gameplay.

Reactoonz 2 is a great sequel to one of the most popular online slots of Play’n GO.

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