Rainbow Luck slot

Rainbow Luck is an online slot game from the company EGT. By playing it, you have 25 paylines and free spins options that would take you to the jackpot. In case you like games with progressive jackpots, combining the symbols, you will be able to win one of the four levels of the jackpot. You can try the game with us to learn its essence before you start with real money .

Game review

The native Bulgarian developers EGT have enough experience in the production of games with fantastic themes. Part of them is Game of Luck, which is a great slot with 5 reels and a jackpot of 80,000 coins, and Wonder Tree, which has 20 paylines and quite a number of free spins.

Like other slot games, the online Rainbow Luck slot has 25 paylines that are symbollically arranged. It has a bonus round from which you can get free spins. However, the graphics are the thing that puts Rainbow Luck one step ahead of other EGT slots .

As the game loads in your browser, you will see a beautiful fairytale background filled with glitter, rainbows and flowers. The symbols of the slot are beautifully drawn and depict forest creatures, mushrooms and even a leprechaun.

Bets and prizes

Bets on this slot range from 25 to 500 coins per spin. Winnings range from a multiplier of 5x your bet per line for three types of J and Q, to 100x for five fairies per line. Below you will see most of the combinations and their corresponding multipliers.

The green shamrock acts as a wild symbol, replacing all the usual characters in the game except the scatter. It is possible to win 15 to 250 times on our bet per line if we get between 3 and 5 wilds per active winning line.

Keep your eyes open for the Boost Win area. It is a small area of 3 positions in the center of the drum, surrounded by luminous greenery. When the wild symbol appears anywhere in this area, it will stretch to fill all adjacent drum positions.

Here is the promised short list of how the Rainbow Luck payout system works:

Symbols J and Q – Three per line: multiplier 5x on your bet ; Four per line – a multiplier of 10x on your bet; Five per line: multiplier 20x on your bet

Symbols K and A: Three – multiplier 5x on your bet, Four – multiplier 15x on your bet, Five – multiplier 25x on your bet

Green hat symbol: Three – multiplier 8x, Four – multiplier 20x, Five – multiplier 30x

Symbols Mushroom – Three – multiplier 8x, Four – multiplier 20x, Five – multiplier 40x

Symbol Ladybug – Three – multiplier 10x, Four – multiplier 25x, Five – multiplier 50x

Symbol with Leprechaun – Three – multiplier 10x, Four – multiplier 30x,Five – multiplier 60x

Fairy symbol – Three – multiplier 10x, Four – multiplier 50x, Five – multiplier 100x

Wild symbol – Three – multiplier 15x, Four – multiplier 100x, Five – multiplier 250x

Free spins

As you already know, the slot offers free bonus spins. The option is implemented in the game in the form of a function that is activated when 3 golden scatters fall somewhere on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. When you hit these three scatters, you will automatically win a multiplier of 50 times on your bet per line. In addition, you win 10 free spins, but if all the skaters fall into the Boost Win zone, you get as many as 30 free games. The free spins are played in an alternate set of reels, and the function can be repeated.

Mysterious jackpot

Developments by EGT often have a mysterious jackpot. Rainbow Luck is another game in which you can take advantage of this feature.

In essence, the mysterious jackpot consists of four levels with prizes. The bonus game is activated at random, after which you will have the opportunity to choose cards from a field with 12 of them, which are face down. The game ends when you open 3 cards of the same suit (spade, diamond, spade or bowl). The lowest jackpot in this game are the spades, followed by diamonds, cups and spades.


Rainbow Luck is a serious enough game that would attract the attention of players, especially with its Boost Win zone – the part that gives uniqueness to the particular slot. The RTP is also suitable, provided you are not the type of person who wants to play only for big jackpots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important (main) features of the Rainbow Luck slot?

Slot development: EGT

Maximum RTP: 96.00%

Registration: 5х25

Range of bets (in dollars and euros): 0.25 – 500

Maximum profit: multiplier 250x

Progressive jackpot.

Where can I try the game?

You can try the game here on our website. This is a must before taking action to play with real resources and would provide you with more experience, both with the gameplay itself and with the additional game options.

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