Neteller e-Wallet review

Neteller is an e-wallet which started in 1999 in Canada. The company is part of the Paysafe Group business in the UK. The platform is amongst the most frequently used ones by firms and users utilising  online payments, such as bookmakers, players, online store owners and others. In the following lines you will learn how to use Neteller, where we will also give instructions on how to register, deposit and withdraw in the system.

How to register with Neteller?

Registration at Neteller is not complicated at all. Is done in two steps, after that you can use your account freely. The first thing you will need to do is go into the registration form, where you can fill in your personal details like full name, date of birth, country, address, sex, preferred currency and password.

Once you have an account, you can move onto the next step, which verification. In order to get verified, it is necessary that you transfer money from your personal bank account or bank card into your account. If you have already deposited some amount in the account, you can click on “Increase your limits by verifying your account” and follow the instructions afterwards. You will be asked a few questions for better security as well as you will need to upload a scanned copy of your ID document. In some cases additional documentation may be required.

What are the ways to deposit and withdraw with Neteller?

In the Neteller e-wallet a number of depositing options are offered. Keep in mind that for most of them a few of 2.5% of the deposited amount will be charged. You can top up your account using a bank account, debit or credit card, Skrill, and other methods. The easiest way is to deposit money using a bank card, but you need to be a verified user. You just fill in the card details and press Continue.

Deposits via bank cards and e-wallets are immediately registered on the Neteller system, while using bank transfers will take you up to three working days depending on the bank policy. Nevertheless, everything is very easy and you don’t need to have any special skills.

With regard to money withdrawals from the e-wallet, things are similar to the deposits. You can transfer funds to other users in the system and, also, withdraw into bank cards and accounts. You have the option to transfer money to Skrill too.

Money withdrawals and transfers to other e-wallets happen immediately. Only with bank transfers, you will need to wait for up to 5 working days in order to receive your money. A special Neteller card is also offered, which allows for transactions and transfers to happen in real time.

What are the withdrawal fees of Neteller?

It is important that you choose the correct currency because otherwise there may be conversion and that conversion will be charged according to the current tariffs of the company. This is why it is critical that you choose your currency well. In addition, for a bank transfer withdrawal, you will owe a $10 transaction fee.

If you get a hold onto the Neteller card, then cashpoint withdrawals will have much lower fees. There is a fee for transferring money to Skrill and this transfer will cost 3.99% of the transferred amount. More information on fees you can find on the Netteller system where all types of fees, deductions and further details are indicated.

Online bookmakers that offer deposits and withdrawals with Neteller

Today all big bookmakers offer the possibility to use Neteller for your deposits and withdrawals. Once you find the option on your desired website, it is necessary that you log into the e-wallet system and make the payment operation. If you are asking yourself which the betting sites that offer Neteller payments are, have a look at the list below:

– Efbet;




– Bwin;



It is important to note that with some online bookmakers there can be Neteller deposit and/or withdrawal options, but this payment method doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a bonus. This is why it’s necessary that you follow the rules accompanying the offers of the operators and check whether e-wallet depositing is included in the options to receive a bonus.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the payment system?

The main advantage is that Neteller allows you to make quick deposits and also withdraw your money without long delays. Yes, there are indeed fees that may be regarded as a flaw, but, at the end of the day, the company profits exactly from these deductions. Fortunately, many bookmakers and online stores have included the system among their payment options, which is a great convenience for each client – user. Surely, once we add that the registration on the platform, the deposits and withdrawals are easy for each user, then we can certainly give a good mark to this type of good and contemporary e-wallet.

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