NBA basketball betting

If you like US basketball, placing NBA bets with a licensed online bookmaker is a great idea. The odds available to players are high with quite a few betting options. We explain where you can bet on NBA matches, what betting options are offered, and how good the odds are.

Where to bet on the NBA?

You can make bets on the websites of Efbet, Winbet, Bet365, Palms Bet and Bwin, which feature NBA events. To bet, you need to register on one of these online platforms, then make a deposit to fund your gaming account with money and start the game.

Once you have registered on a particular site and made a deposit, you need to find the sports section and then click on basketball. You will be shown various events from around the world. You need to click on ‘NBA’ to see the games and start betting. You can make a default win bet or choose another market.

What odds are offered for NBA bets?

If you choose Efbet, Winbet, Palms Bet or another one of the sites listed above, you will find high odds for NBA matches. Here, we need to explain that the more complex a betting market is, the higher the odds. Our advice is to review at least a few of the sites we’ve described and sign up for them so you can compare the odds and get the best value for your needs.

Types of NBA betting markets

By default, basketball bets assume that you try to predict which team will win the game. For example, if the New York Knicks are playing against the Washington Wizards, you need to put a sign 1 for home victory or a sign 2 for a guest (away) victory. However, the betting options available to you aren’t limited to these. Here is a short list of the options available from bookmakers:

First half result bet;
Second half result bet;
Bet on the result in the first, second, third, or fourth quarter;
Bet on the best player;
Game winner bet;

Depending on how complex the forecast is for a given market, you will be offered higher odds than for traditional bets. This is why we encourage people who bet on NBA games to look at the markets on the site of the bookmaker of their choice. If they’re good at making accurate prediction, they can try to make more money with higher odds on betting options.


Today, anyone of legal age can bet on NBA games using a computer or mobile device. Bookmakers give high odds for games as well as all kinds of betting options. We’ve outlined the most important things you need to know above and hope the information was helpful. We wish you good luck and hope you win.

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