Who is the owner of Merkur Slots?

UK Casino Merkur Slots is owned by the Gauselmann Group. This group, with its umbrella brand MERKUR, has been active in the entertainment industry for over 6 decades. They offer sports betting, money games, slot games, games of chance, and more, both online and offline.

Merkur is a modern brand for different kinds of fun games, including prize draws and games of chance. They are a professional safe gaming partner, who can bring a lot of enjoyment to many people.

Gauselmann started as a one-man show, but currently has around 14,000 employees globally. Its worldwide turnover prior to the pandemic was more than three billion euros a year.

The Gauselmann Group was founded back in 1957. Its development has been marked by a passion for innovative, exciting, and high-quality games. For over 6 decades, they have stood for the enjoyment of play. Today, it is a global, but still family-run group of companies. The staff’s aspirations and the entrepreneurial actions are aligned with this guiding principle.

Gauselmann is globally successful as a gaming software developer, operator of casinos and gaming venues throughout Europe, manufacturer of gaming machines, and provider of sports betting. What’s more, they also operate cruise ship casinos and online gaming. This makes the extensive game range available anywhere, anytime.

Business segments

There are two business segments within the group: Merkur and Gaming Operations. The former consolidates the production, development, and sale of games and gaming machines in Germany and other countries and the sale and development of online games and online casino solutions.

This segment also includes the group’s cash and ticketing activities, development of sports betting offerings, and game development.

The second segment is responsible for the domestic and international activities of the company’s cruise ship casinos, land-based casinos, and games. It also coordinates the marketing and operation of online casinos and land-based and online sports betting offers.


The Gauselmann Group, which was founded by Paul Gauselmann, has been run under the auspice of the Gauselmann Family Foundation since 1 January 2016 in order to guarantee continued existence as a corporate group for the coming generations.

This way, the Gauselmann family has laid the foundations for the Gauselmann Group’s stable future and long-term solidity as an employer and economic driving force. The Family Foundation is the sole shareholder of the founder’s four family lines and makes all the basic and strategic management decisions required to guarantee the group’s long-term commercial success.

Advisory and executive boards

To demonstrate the Gauselmann family’s long-term commitment to the company and the region, the advisory board of the Gauselmann Family Foundation is comprised of mostly family members. It unites three generations this way, creating cohesion as well as foresight. A three-member board helms the family foundation. The board chair is Paul Gauselmann and the vice chair is Armin Gauselmann. The third member is Manfred Stoffers.

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