Keno: A Lottery Game for Online Betting

Keno is a casino game that is gaining popularity these days. This number game is similar to bingo and lotteries with some slight differences. Keno can be played in gaming halls, but this guide is about the online version of the game. Of course, we will share the rules, betting options, where you can play Keno, strategies and tips, and other interesting info.

Keno – Rules of the game

In this section, we describe the rules of the classic Keno game, which you will find online under the name Keno Universe. The game will start after you buy a ticket and place a bet on numbers from 1 to 80. The ticket price varies depending on the online casino you choose. It can be 0.05 cents, $ 1 or more. In the ticket, you need to choose numbers and bet on them. Then, you see the winning numbers in the draw. If any you marked on the ticket are among them, you can win a prize.

The player can choose from two to 20 numbers from the 80 on the ticket. The lowest winnings are if you guess just two numbers, and the highest are for ten. If you play online, you will be able to see a table of winnings for the numbers you guessed right. There are some versions of the game where you choose from four to ten numbers instead of two to ten, as mentioned. The variation comes mainly from the provider.

Another interesting aspect to note are keno’s several betting options that can bring you a win. We will list all these betting options so you’re prepared before you start playing keno.

Keno betting options

Apart from the bets from two to ten or four to ten numbers, you get several markets, on which you can bet in an unconventional way. This type of bet can also bring a big win, although it is more difficult to predict. Here are the betting options available in keno:

Bet on even and odd numbers – this is self-explanatory. You bet on whether the numbers you have chosen will be even or odd;

Top and bottom betting – this is an option where you bet on the top 40 and bottom 40 numbers on the ticket. For example, you can bet that all numbers drawn will be from the top part of the keno ticket;

Keno numbers table

Combinations – you place a bet on grouped numbers in the coupon, and if you win, you can get a bonus that will double your winnings;

Straight bet – this is the classic type to choose numbers in the game;

Now that you are familiar with the betting options, you can try one of them when you start playing. We recommend straight bets to beginners. These come with the best odds.

Keno tips and strategies

It’s reasonable to start small. The wins will also be small, but at least you’ll be protected from disappointments that lead to frequent losses. Try your luck by betting amounts such as 5 cents. If you make the wrong move, you won’t lose a lot. On the contrary – you will make a profit and keep betting.

By winning small amounts, you can progressively increase your bets and eventually grab a bigger cash prize. If you see that you are not doing well, leave the bets for another day. Usually, a series of losses means that the casino has an edge and you’re out of luck. Wait for a better day. Don’t keep betting to recover losses under any circumstances.

You might get info online about strategies like playing with numbers that have not been drawn yet. To check what numbers came out, see the history of the game, where the numbers are listed. This strategy might work for you.

Where to play keno online?

Most online casinos offer keno. You will even see several variations of the game. Don’t worry, the rules are similar and the differences are insignificant. You will be able to play the free demo to test your luck without investing real money.

Keno betting game online

Of course, if you decide that real bets are for you, you need to register on the gambling operator’s website, deposit funds into the gaming account, buy a ticket, and bet on your numbers. And here are the online platforms that offer keno:





All the platforms listed offer a demo and a real version of keno. You can register at our site to play the game. You can also find keno in the “Casino” section of each of the sites above.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of number games like lotteries or bingo, then you’ll definitely love keno. It’s exciting and you can win big. The truth is that you rarely guess the right numbers, but that’s the charm of the game. The types of bets we mentioned also give the prospect of serious cash prizes.

Keep in mind that keno belongs to the category of games of luck. In other words, you can’t rely on specific tactics to bring you a win. It is important to be patient and trust that at some point, your lucky numbers will be drawn. We hope you found our article interesting and wish you lots of luck with keno.

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