How to use VPN to get access to an international online casino

There is a multitude of online casinos globally that offer a wide range of casino games, as well as wonderful bonuses for the players. Unfortunately, there are casino websites, that are not accessible in some country due to the local regulations concerning gambling. But we will teach you how to get in the game via VPN, without any alternative link or other complications. So let’s get down to business.

What is a VPN connection and how to use it?

The VPN abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network. The virtual private network provides alternative access to websites blocked in your country. To be more specific, if a website for online bets or something else is blocked in your home country, then you can still enter using a VPN provider. This type of services can be found on the Internet for free or for a fee. Note that there are even special plugins for different browser types.

What are the advantages of VPN networks?

In case you want to play in the most popular online casinos without any legal restriction, then you really need to use VPN service providers. Let us make a list of the advantages of virtual private networks, which (you will see if you read the entire article) are quite a lot. So, some of the main positives are:

  • No need to use a proxy;
  • No need to upload TOR browser;
  • You can access websites from different locations;
  • Changing the location can be done with one click of the mouse;
  • There are solutions prepared for Chrome and Firefox browsers;

The information above makes it clear that access to each blocked site is guaranteed when you upload a light browser plugin. The only negative we can think of, is that companies offering Virtual Private Network sometimes require a fee for their services or subscription. The rest is an ideal way to accomplish your goals.

Which VPN services to use?

We cannot say for sure which private network is the best one, but we can offer you a few free VPNs that will help you have access to each online casino from your country. There is another small detail, though – your country has to be in the list for registration, so that you would be able to bet. So let’s say you open an online casino using VPN, but there are no players of your nationality allowed. Sadly, in this case, you cannot sign up. Since we made it clear, check out a few free VPN providers:

  • ZenMate – this provider allows you to use virtual private networks without paying anything if you are using servers based in Germany, USA, Italy and Romania. The locations allowed could be more, but the others are unlocked by subscription. ZenMate is equipped with a plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers;
  • Hola – another VPN for free that does a great job. There is a plugin for various browsers from it, too, and it also guarantees the ability to open websites forbidden in your country;
  • RusVPN – there is a free and paid option for Firefox offered. You can download the plugin from Google after you type it in. Then you wouldn’t have a problem to access websites blocked in your country in a quick, easy and convenient manner;
  • Others– if you use the word combinations Free VPN for Firefox or Free VPN for Chrome, you will find many other VPN service providers. You just have to understand the basics, because some offers work temporarily. After a while they request a payment from you in order to go on;
How to use VPN connection to access foreign online casino

How to get access to an international online casino through VPN?

It’s a piece of cake. Simply choose a VPN and upload it in your browser. Depending on the country of the website, you can choose a location after you click the VPN icon. Typically, it is the country where you are at the time. You need to change the country with another one and try again to access the online casino. If it doesn’t open again, choose the next network location.

Nowadays, most of the bookmakers and online casinos offer the so called mirror links or alternative links for access to their websites. Unfortunately, looking for such links might not be an easy task. Instead of wasting your time, you could enter via private network with IP from another country. This is a lot more convenient than buying proxies or uploading hacker browsers, which take up a lot of your computer’s memory.


We will avoid getting in too many technical details, but we will definitely say that VPN services are the best solution for access to online casinos, bookmaker platforms, etc. You will have an entire virtual private network on your side allowing their users to get another IP for browsing anything online without any issues. Of course, if you want the option to have access to servers around the world, the VPN would most probably be paid. However, the latter is recommended for professional purpose.

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