How do I place corner bets?

Football betting was not as developed and did not offer such an abundance of markets in the past as it does now. Today, players can bet not only on the winner of the match or a draw, but also on the goal scorer, handicap, halftime score, exact score, corner bets and more. In this article, we look at betting on corners, as it is one of the most preferred on online betting sites.

What are corner bets?

Bookmaker sites allow you to bet on the number of corners by using the below / above option. In other words, you will see a table in which you have to indicate whether there will be less than N number of corners in the match, or more than N number of corners. For each value, certain odds apply. They are calculated according to your bet. This determines your winnings. Below is some more information on corner betting markets:

Number of corners – this is the standard bet, where you specify ‘below’ or ‘above’ a certain number of corners in the match;
First half corners – again, you predict the number of corner kicks, but only in the first half of the football match;
Corners for a given team – this option allows you to bet on which team will have more corners. The odds here are very good;
More corners – you choose whether there will be more corners by the home team, an equal number, or more corners for the away team;

What are the odds for corner bets?

There is no doubt that the odds for this market are high, so if you are good at predicting individual events in a match, then you can try your luck. Even better, the different options give you even higher odds. For example, if you can guess the approximate number of corners awarded to one of the teams, you will catch very high odds and, accordingly, you will receive a higher cash prize.

Of course, you can combine the corner betting market with the other markets available on the betting website. The odds will increase and your winnings will be much bigger. Remember, however, that there is a risk of loss, so try to play with smaller amounts first to see how your luck will play out.

Corner betting strategies

At this stage, there is no 100% effective strategy for corner bets that will bring you a sure profit. However, you can consider several options that will increase your chances of winning from this betting option. For example, it is good to look for statistics on matches between teams, and to check the frequency of corner kicks in matches. It is clear that every match is different, but at least you will have a base to lean on.

Another idea we can give you is to get acquainted with the tactics of the teams, observing the factors of home and away. It is assumed that strong teams play more aggressively on their turf and the forwards are more active. This, in turn, implies a greater number of corner kicks. Based on this, you can bet on the number of corners for a team. You need to know the team and how they play.

These are just a few suggestions that come to mind at this stage. It is very important to know the championships and tournaments, the ways the teams play, the intentions of the coaches and other factors. This way, you will have a better chance of guessing the number of corners. We hope we were helpful and wish you many successful and profitable bets. Enjoy the game and bet in moderation.

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