Football bets on cards

Today’s online bookmakers offer their customers an exceptional variety of betting options, with the help of which odds increase and become very appetizing for the players. The latter can make football predictions for cards and win if luck’s on their side. This article will explain how to bet on cards in the match, what types of card bets exist and other interesting info about one of the most popular bet types

What are the types of card bets?

There are several different options for football card predictions available to players. These bets are very interesting, as the stakes of the matches go up if you can predict how many cards will be given, what color they will be and so on. Here are the most common types of card bets on bookmaker sites, so you become familiar and learn how to bet on them:

Below / above a certain number of cards – this option allows you to predict whether the number of cards in a football match will be below or above a certain number. For example, if you bet on more than 2.5 cards, then at least 3 cards must be raised in the match;

Red cards in the match – there is an opportunity to bet on whether there will be red cards in the match or not. This option is less common in online platforms, but it exists and can come with very good odds;

Time of the first card – you predict whether a card will be given before and after a certain point in time during the game. Here, too, you enjoy high odds as long as you can make an accurate prediction;
First team with a card in the match – here you can predict which of the teams will receive the first card in the football game. Not all bookmakers offer this option, but there are many who have it on their sites, so watch out for it;

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Card betting strategies
Card betting markets are difficult to predict, so there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. However, you can review the statistics to see which the teams with the most cards received in matches are. This way you will get at least some idea of ​​what you can expect in a given match. It would be a good idea to get to know the referees as well, so that you know which ones are more liberal and which aren’t. Betting and football predictions for cards are attractive and can bring good profits.

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