What is the easiest way to roll over a sport and casino bonus in Betano?

The bookmaker Betano offers great welcome sports and casino bonuses. However, some players have questions about the rules and other terms of these attractive offers. If you are among them, our article will be useful to you.

Betano Starter Sports Bonus – Rules

Betano gives you a starting bonus equal to your deposit. The maximum amount you can take varies. Note that you cannot withdraw the bonus without complying with the rollover requirements, explained below:

  • To get a sports bonus, observe the minimum deposit;
  • You receive a bonus equal to the amount of the deposit;
  • To roll over the bonus, you must bet its amount and the deposit times 5;
  • Go to the “Sports” section of the site;
  • Make a bet with a minimum odds of 1.60;
  • You have 30 days to ensure compliance.

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Here is an example of how rolling over works. Suppose you have deposited 20 in your currency unit and received a bonus of the same value. You now need to bet 40 x 5 times per match or a total of 200. These two hundred include your winning and losing bets. It is not recommended to rush and bet large amounts, as this way you may lose all your money before you play the bonus.

Betano Casino Startup Bonus – Rules

Casino players also receive an initial bonus of 100 percent of the deposit with an upper limit. If you make a deposit from 10 to 49.99, you will get 40 free spins; for a deposit from 50 to 99.99 – 80 free spins, and over 100 – the full 120 free spins.

The casino bonus also has rollover rules, which you need to follow. We will point out all thesee and explain exactly how you can collect the winnings from the games.

  • The minimum deposit you need to make is 10;
  • You should claim the casino bonus;
  • You receive an amount equal to your deposit of up to 1,200;
  • To roll over, wager the bonus and the deposit multiplied by 12.5;
  • You have to bet on casino slots to roll over the offer;
  • The deadline for rolling over the casino bonus is within 30 days;
Betano Casino Startup Bonus

To be even clearer, we’ll give you a brief example of how to roll over the initial casino bonus at Betano. We assume that you have credited your account with 40 and received a bonus of the same amount. This comes to a total of 80, which you multiply by 12.5 and wager the resulting amount on slot games on the website. Your bets need to amount to 1,000 for the operator to let you withdraw the bonus.

The total includes losing and winning bets. We don’t recommend making the maximum bet. Moderation is best. You will be able to fulfill the requirements of the game sooner or later. Check what amount you have left to bet before you can withdraw your bonus. You do this by clicking on “Offer” and then going to the “Active Offers” section on the website.


The most important thing is not to rush things. You have almost a month to meet the above conditions. Don’t make the mistake of a large and frantic bet, as you risk losing your virtual funds.

We wish you a lot of success in the sports betting and casino games offered by Betano. We hope luck never leaves your side.

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