What is a Double Chance bet?

It’s no secret that there are three possible outcomes in football: the home team wins, the away team wins, or the match ends in a draw. However, there is one very interesting bet option: the Double Chance bet, where you can use two symbols. This greatly improves your chances of winning.

How does the double chance bet work?

Generally, this bet combines two possible symbols. You can predict a home win or draw, an away win or draw, and a home win or away win. So for example, if team A is playing team B, you can bet 1X, 2X or 12. You will lose if the game ends differently from what you predicted.

A slight downside to double chance bets is that they come with lower odds. If you bet on a home win or a draw and you win, then the amount you win will be lower than if you had only bet on a win. You can usually deal with this as double chance bets tend to be successful and never fail to yield a profit from sports betting.

And, while the odds for this bet aren’t the highest, you can always be pleasantly surprised. A double chance bet works well when the underdog in the match wins. In this case, the odds are good and you can expect more profit from fixed bets.

Almost all online bookmakers offer Double Chance bets. This type of bet is very suitable for beginners as it reduces the risk of loss.

Pros and cons of the double chance bet

The biggest advantage is that you can predict with two options. This way, you have a much higher chance of winning. You can also use the market for live betting, which is even better.

Of course, there is a risk of loss, as there are always surprises. We can’t think of major drawbacks except low odds. The bookmakers compensate for the bigger chance by significantly reducing the odds. This may be unpleasant for some players, but these are the facts. We wish you success and all the best.

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