What is the format of T10 cricket?

T10 refers to an ultra short format of cricket matches. A total of 10 overs are played per side and the match usually lasts for 90 minutes. The format was officially sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2017.

The West Indies Cricket Board became the first to organize a full-competition event based on the T10 format. They called it The 6ixty. Later, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe became the next teams to feature competitions based on the T10 format.

In a T10 match, a bowler cannot bowl more than 2 overs. The last three overs of an innings is when field restrictions come into action. This is called powerplay. No more than a certain number of fielders can stand outside the 30-yard circle.

In some T10 matches, the third over of the powerplay is a floating powerplay. This means that this over can be activated by the batting side at any time in the innings.

In instances where the match ends in a tie, a Super Over decides the outcome of the match. If the Super Over also ends in a tie, then another Super Over is played until a winner is decided.

Countries who have adopted the T10 format in their leagues include West Indies, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Abu Dhabi, European Cricket, Qatar, Kenya and USA.
T10 league has been received with mixed views. The most detrimental claim suggesting corruption and match-fixing charges are prevalent in certain T10 leagues. However, no concrete evidence has come as of July 2023.

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