What does audi signify in the game of cricket?

Audi is a globally acclaimed automobile brand. The company’s logo is represented by four horizontally placed circles that intersect the adjacent circle in the pattern of a Venn diagram.

In cricket, when a player gets out without scoring any runs, then a “0” is added along side their name on the scoreboard. In 1992, Mark Waugh got out on a score of zero in four consecutive innings during Australia’s test series against Sri Lanka. Waugh got out on zero in both of innings of two test matches. Waugh was thus nicknamed “Audi” by his teammates as he drew four zeroes (or four circles) akin to the logo of Audi. The banter further extended as they said Waugh missed out on the opportunity to be called an Olympian.

As of July 2023, 28 male players in Tests and 5 male players in ODIs have earned the dubious title of Audi. Furthermore, only three players have managed five ducks in a row (Olympian) – RG Holland, Ajit Agarkar and Mohammad Asif.

Former English all-rounder, late Bobby Peel became the first player to record an Audi in test cricket in 1895. However, the term wasn’t officially designated then. In 1985-86 Gus Logie became the first player to register an Audi in ODI cricket. In T20 International matches, Pakistan’s Abdullah Shafique is the only player as of July 2023 to have an Audi to his name. In league T20 cricket, Ashton Turner holds the record for being the only Olympian.

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