Is there a fee when I make a casino deposit via debit or credit card?

All online casinos accept deposits by debit or credit card, but a lot of customers wonder what fees they would be paying for this. This article explains the details.

What fee is due for a bank card casino deposit?

Every online casino has an account in a bank chosen by the company. If the player has an account with the same bank as the casino, then no deposit fee will be charged. If you make an interbank transfer, then you will be charged a fee depending on the bank’s policy. The fee on transfers from your account to the account of the online casino will be very small.

In many cases, the casino doesn’t mention a fee for card payments because the operator does not know your bank’s fees. Ask about the fees when you visit your local branch.

How to make a casino deposit with a credit or debit card?

Making a casino deposit with a credit or debit card is easy as long as you follow the instructions. First of all, you need to make sure that the site offers this deposit method, and also look for information about what cards can be used. And here’s how to top up a gaming account using VISA, MasterCard or Maestro cards:

  • From the deposit methods, choose “credit / debit card”;
  • Enter the name of the cardholder and the number of the card;
  • Enter the three-digit security code on the back of the card;
  • Specify the period of validity of the bank card;
  • Enter the amount you will deposit in the casino;
  • Confirm your deposit.

Basically, that’s all you need to do. If you have a problem with the deposit or want to know more about the fees, you can contact the casino’s support team and also your bank. Deposits by card are reflected instantly.

Final thoughts
We hope this article about fees on casino deposits via bank cards has been useful, especially to those who have not yet used this method of transferring money to their gaming account. Be sure to read our other articles as well, as they will certainly be helpful to you.

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